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    A curation of tools, training, resources and research to help you make an impact in your career and get the most out of your AMA Membership.

Every month, you’ll get a selection of helpful toolkits, useful training, impactful research and exclusive content, all focused around a marketing theme. Plus, you’ll get a new perk every month that adds something fresh to your membership.

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September 2023: Sales Enablement

Members-Only Webinar

Integrity in Action: Exploring Marketing Ethics

In this members-only webinar, our panel of marketing leaders, academic researchers and industry experts will explore the role of marketers in fostering and maintaining integrity, embracing ethical values and above all, avoiding harmful actions or omissions. Join us as we dive into discussions on the ethical marketing norms and values of today’s world.

September 28, 2023 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT

Buying Process Stage Template

Align your sales process with your customer’s buying process with this template from the AMA Toolkit library.

Use this tool to help you map your content and sales process to specific stages in your customer’s journey to ensure you can support them.

Your Guide to Account-Based Marketing in 2023

From our partners at the Digital Marketing Institute, this guide is perfect for anyone new to account-based marketing or looking for a quick refresher.

linkedin sales solutions

Sales Enablement Best Practices Guide

This Best Practices Report on Sales Enablement covers Sales Enablement strategies, processes and trends through primary vendor solutions in six distinct categories to enable you to create an effective Sales Enablement function for your organization.

AMA and The PhD Project

When the American Marketing Association (AMA) and The PhD Project work together, amazing things happen in the industry. Check out how this long-standing partnership is helping diversify and strengthen the marketing world. Visit to learn more.

AMA Membership Digest Archive

Members-Only Webinar

The Next Generation of Social Media

In an era where connectivity and communication have become synonymous with our digital presence, the landscape of social media is poised for a groundbreaking evolution. Emerging technologies will continue to revolutionize the future as user behavior and upcoming generations shape the way we interact and use social media. 

In this members-only webinar, our panel of marketing leaders, academic researchers and industry experts will explore the cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends that are set to redefine how we connect, share and engage online. Join us for this dynamic discussion.

August 31, 2023 | 12 PM CT

screenshot of a the template for mapping customer lifetime value

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Evaluate customer lifetime value with this template from the AMA Toolkit library.

Use this tool to determine your company’s customer lifetime value considering the following factors: retention rate, referral rate, interest rate, order quantity, average order size, risk factor, acquisition cost, marketing cost and incentives.

Training: Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Language

The Diversity Movement is offering AMA members discounted access to the Unconscious Bias and the Inclusive Language courses.

Save $10 on each course with coupon code ama10 through September 8, 2023.

Cover of the Marketing News 2023 summer issue showing a dog leading a horse

Marketing News Summer Issue

This issue highlights modern research focused on customer experience.

Learn how to influence consumer uptake of mobile apps, how local taxes change shopping behavior, why product brands should build their own platforms and more!

Members-Only Webinar

The Evolution of DEI in Marketing

As marketing continues to evolve and adapt to societal changes, embracing DEI has become an indispensable aspect of doing impactful work. Brands have recognized the importance and mobilized, but the work is far from complete.

In this members-only webinar on July 27 from 12:00-1:00 pm CT, our panel of industry leaders, diversity advocates and academic researchers will share their unique perspectives as we reflect on DEI in marketing and future evolution.

Content Mapping Template

Map your content to the buying cycle with this template from the AMA Toolkit library.

It will help you build an effective nurture plan by visually identifying the key pieces of copy you need to address buyer pain points throughout each stage of the buying journey.

Training: How to Maximize and Promote Webinars as Part of Your Marketing Plan

In this video from our certification partners, the Digital Marketing Institute, you’ll learn how live and recorded events that can nurture your relationship with your customers, partners and more. 

Topics include building your strategy, planning your webinar, tips for hosting, emerging trends and more.

Insights From AMA Journals

Gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

Members-Only Webinar

The Future of AI: Customer Privacy and Regulation Impacts

AMA members-only webinars are back!

Join us on Thursday, June 29, from 12:00-1:00 CT, for a panel discussion on the future AI. 

We’ll dive into the trade-off between consumer privacy protection and the performance of artificial intelligence. Plus, we’ll look at the current paradoxes of AI in terms of the upcoming regulation.

Marketing Automation Business Case Template

Do you wish your team had better marketing automation tools? Make your case using this comprehensive template. You’ll be able to communicate the overall opportunity, business impact, key success metrics, decision-making criteria and more.

What Does GPT Really Mean For Marketers?

Curious to learn how ChatGPT and its underlying technology are actually going to impact digital marketing? Wondering how your job might change?

In this webinar from our certification partner, the Digital Marketing Institute, you’ll get up to speed on what’s happening today, where things might go and what this explosion in AI assistance means for SEO and search.

Insights From the Journal of Interactive Marketing

Gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

Overcoming Consumer Resistance to AI in General Health Care

Artificial intelligence in medicine offers a unique opportunity to improve the global health system. However, consumers remain skeptical about AI’s ability to accurately assess their medical condition.

How Using Parental Control Software Can Enhance Parents’ Well-Being

Today, children’s smartphone overuse and digital addiction are among parents’ top concerns. This research investigates the psychological outcomes associated with delegating parental control to software. 

New LGBTQ+ MicroVideos

The AMA member-only DEI MicroVideo Library is growing! In recognition of Pride Month, we’ve added three new videos that will help you understand how to use gender-inclusive language, avoid rainbow washing and not cause harm to the LGBTQ+ community through your marketing during Pride Month.

Marketing News Spring Issue

This issue is packed full of insightful articles and research.

We look at what it means to democratize digital data and insights into a company. Plus, we explore marketers’ place in data privacy conversation and dive into the Journal of Marketing research on the benefits and risks of scraping web data.

On-Demand: Data-Driven Decision-Making for Marketers

Learn the most essential aspects of data, how to visualize it and effectively interpret the results with this on-demand training. It’s an excellent guide for sifting through data acronyms and buzzwords to take the next steps in making your organization data-driven.

This course is free for members for the month of May. That’s a $49 value! (Once you enroll for free, you’ll have access to the course for one year.)

Whitepaper: How to Collect and Analyze Data Using a DEI Lens

This whitepaper, produced with our preferred diversity resource partner, The Diversity Movement, will help you understand how a strong DEI practice can equip you to reach a variety of consumers with authentic, compelling and meaningful messages. Plus, you’ll learn how biases can skew data interpretation.

Email Marketing ROI Marketing Calculator

Need help setting benchmarks for your email campaigns? This tool will help you look at metrics, like conversion rates and cost per lead, and generate reports to share with the rest of your organization. 

Helpful Tools and Templates

Message Mapping Tool

Brainstorm, prioritize and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your messaging ideas with this easy-to-use downloadable tool. You can measure credibility, effectiveness and resonance to understand what messaging works best for your audiences.

2023 Marketing Communications Calendar

Use this tool to schedule your marketing activities, assign team ownership and track your initiatives. It’s completely customizable but set up out of the box to organize social media posts, email, events, advertising and more. 

Insights From the Journal of Marketing

Gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

On-Demand Chatbots Webinar

As the prevalence of chatbots grows, you may be considering how to better integrate this technology into your customer experience. Our digital marketing certification partner, the Digital Marketing Institute, has you covered with this webinar that looks at the stats and strategy behind using chatbots.

DEI Spotlight: Interview with Sharon Harris, CMO at Jellyfish

Get to know Sharon Harris, the Chief Marketing Officer at Jellyfish, a digital partner to some of the world’s leading brands, including Uber, eBay, Disney, Spotify, Nestlé, Ford, Aviva and ASOS. She’s a global leader in digital marketing and transformation and a passionate champion for diversity, equity and inclusion

This video is part of the AMA Marketer Like Me series that highlights the diverse representation, narratives and best practices of senior leaders of color in the marketing industry.

Helpful Tools and Templates

Content Marketing Playbook

The AMA Content Marketing Playbook is built to give you a comprehensive strategy framework and easily editable tools to bring your plan to life. No more searching for the right download or building spreadsheets from scratch. This all-in-one guide helps you make smarter marketing decisions.

2023 Content Marketing Calendar

If you don’t have the time right now to use the AMA Content Marketing Playbook, here’s one of our favorite templates from that kit that you can put to use right away. The 2023 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar will help you keep track of your content marketing and distribution efforts for the year.

New Resource With Exclusive Access

Content Strategy For Marketing Whitepaper

With this whitepaper, you’ll understand why content is critical to your marketing goals and how to assess your current content maturity level. Plus, you’ll learn the proven process of defining an effective content strategy. We’ve worked with our friends at Content Science to give you free access to this resource as an AMA member.

The Word Choice Workshop: Inclusive Language Tips for Everyday Business

Inclusive language skills help you communicate more effectively and build relationships where people feel safe, respected and seen. In this on-demand webinar, our Preferred Diversity Resource Partner, The Diversity Movement, helps you navigate using inclusive language, especially when it can be difficult to know the right thing to say.

Insights From the Journal of Marketing

Gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

Marketing News Winter Issue

Our newest issue of Marketing News is packed full of articles that summarize the latest research from our AMA Journals. We’re covering all sorts of branding topics like logo creation, the power of selfies, social influence and more. Plus, you’ll meet impactful AMA award winners.

Brand Assessment Tool

This interactive self-assessment will walk through a series of questions to rank your efforts in brand strategy, alignment, communication and execution. You’ll better understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you’ll see recommendations for improving your scores.

On-Demand Training: Building a Purpose-Driven Brand

The research is clear. Consumers reward authentic, purpose-driven brands with more revenue, affinity and trust. This free on-demand training will help you get on (and stay on) the right path for developing a brand that communicates its greater mission.

DEI Spotlight: Interview with Vicky Free

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re excited to share our interview with Vicky Free, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Adidas.

It’s part of the AMA Marketer Like Me series that highlights the diverse representation, narratives and best practices of senior leaders of color in the marketing industry.

Vicky is a proven expert in brand strategy, digital media, integrated marketing, branded content and consumer insight.

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Special Issue

Marketing to Prevent Radicalization: Developing Insights for Policies

Our world is becoming more polarized than ever, with a growing number of extremist groups spreading radical worldviews. In our special issue of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, we look at research and marketing’s important role in understanding, preventing and decreasing the occurrences of events motivated by radicalization.

New On-Demand Training

How to Audit Your Social Media Marketing

It’s good practice to audit your social media practices at least once a year. This members-only on-demand training will help you optimize your profiles, assess your content strategy, analyze your growth tactics and more.

Helpful 2023 Calendars

2023 Social Media Marketing Calendar

A new year is your chance to better plan out your social media activities. This easy-to-use template will help you stay organized and bring more clarity to your social strategy.

2023 Diversity Holiday Calendar

This calendar includes the dates for over 150 diverse holidays and observances. Plus, you’ll get access to over 80 linked resources developed by The Diversity Movement to help you learn best practices for observing inclusive holidays.

DEI Spotlight: Inclusive Marketing White Paper

Marketers have a unique power to shift social narratives and deliver more authentic, inclusive stories. This resource, produced by our Preferred Diversity Resource Partner, The Diversity Movement, explores how integrating DEI into everyday practices can build authentic brands and create powerful content.

Insights From AMA Journals

This selection of resources will help you gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

New On-Demand Training

Off-Page SEO Fundamentals

Most marketers focus their SEO activities towards on-page optimization. Yet that’s only half of the equation. In this members-only on-demand training, you’ll learn how backlinks, social SEO, digital PR, link building and other off-page strategies can help grow SEO results.

Insights From AMA Journals

This selection of resources will help you gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

DEI Spotlight: Accessibility

Accessibility is a key part of any SEO strategy and leads to more people being able to use your site. Our members-only DEI MicroVideo Library has a Disability Inclusion and Accessibility section to help you understand digital accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), color contrast and more.

Bonus Video: Plus, our Preferred Diversity Resource Partner, The Diversity Movement, is providing you a recording of their “Accessibility & Inclusion for All” webinar.

SEO Playbook

This guide will help you develop your SEO strategy using more than 20 downloadable tools from the popular AMA Marketer’s Toolkit library. You’ll get help evaluating readiness, researching keywords, doing pay-per-click planning, implementing your strategy and measuring results.

New Benefit

DEI MicroVideo Library

Together with our Preferred Diversity Resource Partner, The Diversity Movement, we’re providing quick but impactful video lessons to provide actionable takeaways to help you put DEI principles into practice right away.

Access to this library of 20+ on-demand videos is now included with your AMA membership.

Insights From AMA Journals

This selection of resources will help you gain useful takeaways from our peer-reviewed scholarly research.

Marketing Strategy Playbook

This playbook is your guide to using 15+ templates from the AMA Marketer’s Toolkit library to develop a marketing strategy that supports your organizations goals and vision.

Marketing Through a DEI Lens

Learn how marketers are embracing the opportunity to enact real change by introducing DEI into their work. Plus, get an introduction to how DEI is built into our AMA Marketing Skills Framework.

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