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College Recruitment Gets a Crisis Overhaul

As campuses remain closed and COVID-19 weighs on the minds of prospects, it’s time for higher ed marketers to reconfigure tours, social media strategy and other traditional recruitment tactics.


The Ethics of Marketing a Degree in an Economic Downturn

Higher education is hyped as a means to successful ends—but that guarantee is in question during volatile economic times.


Bringing Innovation to the Higher Ed Forefront: WFH Edition

How higher ed marketers have adjusted their way of life during the coronavirus pandemic.


Video Series: Be at Home with the AMA

Join Marketing News staff members Steve Heisler and Sarah Steimer as they tackle a variety of topics related to marketing amid quarantine.


7-Point Content Checklist for Getting Traction on Your Next Article

You’re an expert on a topic. Your editor loves the idea. You have a page of notes ready to be turned into your next article. So what happens next?

From the Magazine

Responsiveness Takes Flight

photo of blue bird on finger

Customers expect a new type of interaction with brands since the pandemic hit, and the agility that comes naturally to direct-to-consumer formats may help guide the future of CX.

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COVID-19, Race and the Marketplace

A conversation on the overlooked role of race in the marketplace, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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