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COVID-19 and the state of marketing

5 Marketing Strategies—and Missed Opportunities—During COVID-19

The top emerging marketing strategies and missed opportunities from the special COVID-19 edition of The CMO Survey.


7-Point Content Checklist for Getting Traction on Your Next Article

You’re an expert on a topic. Your editor loves the idea. You have a page of notes ready to be turned into your next article. So what happens next?


Why Brand Storytelling Moves Us

Consumers like brands whose stories they can relate to—why storytelling is an essential and enduring part of marketing.


Data-Based Pivots for Brands During Times of Change

Consumers feel most comfortable with proactive brands that communicate clearly—how nimble data collection can help your organization do so.


How to Hire for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A workforce that better represents society is key to sustained innovation and understanding a vast array of consumers.

From the Magazine

COVID-19, Race and the Marketplace

A conversation on the overlooked role of race in the marketplace, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DIY Video Captures Your Company’s Good Side

How to produce video content from home on a COVID-friendly budget.

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