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year ahead 2020

Looking Ahead to 2020—and a Review of 2019

Our special Year Ahead 2020 web issue has predictions from marketing academics and practitioners, a guide to setting professional goals and tips on how to better anticipate consumer behavior.

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No Frills: Consumers Just Want the Basics from Voice Assistants

tissue with lipstick stain alongside amazon echo speaker

People are drawn to Alexa, Siri and other voice assistants because they simplify their lives. Brands can appeal to this sensibility by setting a voice strategy that values function over form.


Marketers Missing Data They Need, Context to Find It

A recent report from Kantar found that more than 90% of marketers don’t know what they don’t know, creating problems with consistency and marketers’ ability to act. How can they blend art and science to fill in the gaps?

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