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Tapping into Influencers: A Community Approach to Marketing (Members Only)

Building a brand takes a village, but do more people always make light work? Influencer Marketing Programs have taken social media by storm, but there are lot of factors to consider when you start collaborating with external parties that will contribute to the growth and success of your brand. Are you better off hiring more full-time staff, or do the benefits of the potential engagement and awareness outweigh the risks?

In this members-only webinar, our panel of marketing leaders, academic researchers and industry experts will explore influencer marketing through the lens of community building, authenticity, and growth. Join us as we dive into discussions on what makes an influencer marketing program successful while balancing the factors you need to consider along the way.

This Webinar is Exclusively for AMA Members


Photo of Chris Inners

Chris Inners

Vice President, Head of the Influencer Marketing Center of Excellence, Wells Fargo

Picture of Michael Haenlein

Michael Haenlein

Professor of Marketing ESCP Business School, Paris, France and Chair of Responsible Research in Marketing, University of Liverpool Management School, Liverpool, UK

Amisha Gandhi

CMO Consultant

Picture of Lily Yao

Lily Yao

Director of Marketing, AMA (Moderator)

Tapping into Influencers: A Community Approach to Marketing (Members Only)