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  • Off-Page SEO Fundamentals

    Build beyond the typical SEO strategy with off-page optimization and techniques most marketers overlook.

    Beginner/Intermediate | 1.75 Hours | 20 Modules

    $79 for non-members | FREE for members

Skills You’ll Gain

SEO Basics Website Optimization

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how your site is doing from an off-page perspective compared to your competitors.
  • Understand activities you can do to get effective, legitimate backlinks to your site and content.
  • Learn about free, low-cost and premium tools and resources.

You will gain access to this course for 90 days from purchase date.

Off-Page SEO Fundamentals On-Demand Training





Are you an AMA Professional Certified Marketer®️? This training is worth 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your PCM®️ certification.

Course Overview

Most marketers focus their SEO activities on keywords, content and on-page optimization. However, that only accounts for 50% of what contributes to SEO. This fundamentals course explores the other half of SEO: off-page optimization. You’ll learn about backlinks, social SEO, digital PR, link building, and how overall brand reputation contributes to maintaining and growing results.

Skill Level: Beginner & Intermediate

20 Modules

Start the course off by learning a little about the instructor and setting the stage for what you will learn in the course.

Learn the different between on-page and off-page optimization and how both play a role in search engine optimization.

Refresh or gain the basics of SEO before diving into the best practices for off-page optimization.

Understand the fundamental practices that are important to know to set you and your webpage up for success.

Understand how to conduct keyword research to create your baseline and create an SEO keyword database to track the keywords you’re reviewing.

Understand the various items you need to complete before you can focus on off-page optimization.

Learn the meaning of EAT to understand how Google and other search engines evaluate and prioritize pages.

Gain an introduction to various backlinking techniques and utilize the Priority Template to help prioritize where to focus your time.

Learn how to make your site work for you through the use of internal linking.

Audit your backlinks and determine how you got them to help you better promote your content and see what additional work you need to do.

Inform your strategy by seeing where your competitors are getting links and what opportunities might be out there for you to take advtange of as well as what you should avoid.

Learn how to create content gets links by following the components of EAT.

Expand your reach by finding influencers in your space that can provide mutual benefit to both parties.

Identify how to increase credibility in places where you are already being mentioned without the backlink.

Utilize a system called HARO to help reporters gain expert information and increase your visibility.

Identfy how to conduct meaningful outreach that is personalized and doesn’t come across as spam.

Consider how you can utilize public relations practices and the press cycle to increase your opportunities of getting backlinks.

Identify what you need to do to ensure your site is findable.

Learn how to optimize your social media for when people go straight to social over searching Google.

Complete the course by taking an ungraded Knowledge Check and reviewing additional opportunities to continue learning.

Meet Your Instructor

Jenny Munn

SEO Consultant, The Munn Group

Jenny Munn is a digital marketer specializing in search engine optimization strategy, training and implementation. She has trained in-house marketers for years and has provided SEO services for B2B, B2C, e-commerce and nonprofit organizations in various industries. In addition, Munn has taught SEO workshops across the country for eight years to help agencies, web designers, in-house marketers and businesses of every size maximize their return on SEO.

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