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Proving Marketing ROI: Making Data-Driven Decisions (Members Only)

In today’s consumer market, data is all around us with its importance constantly emphasized. As customers, we are constantly bombarded to provide it, and as marketers, we are always seeking it. Having the right data can make all the difference in reaching your target audience, but how do you use data to make decisions and ultimately prove you’re making an impact?

In this members-only webinar, our panel of marketing leaders, academic researchers and industry experts will explore the role of marketers in democratizing data, maintaining data integrity, and the value it provides in proving ROI. Join us as we dive into discussions on balancing the benefits of data with the factors you need to consider along the way.

This Webinar is Exclusively for AMA Members


Koen Pauwels

Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University

Zeynap Aksehirli

Associate Professor of Management and Organizational Development, Northeastern University

Ellie Ahmadi

Marketing Leader and former CMO

Lynn Tao

Chief Marketing Officer, Northwestern Mutual 

Bennie F. Johnson

CEO, American Marketing Association (Moderator)

Proving Marketing ROI: Making Data-Driven Decisions (Members Only)