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Journal of Marketing

From the JM Editors

Editorial | JM as a Marketplace of Ideas
Read the inaugural editorial from the JM‘s Editor in Chief and coeditors.

Guiding Editorial Principles for Journal of Marketing

For Authors

Call for Papers | Journal of Marketing Special Issue: Better Marketing for a Better World
This Special Issue seeks to bring together wide-ranging research to assess, illuminate, and debate whether, when, and how marketing contributes to a better world.

Call for Papers | Journal of Marketing Special Issue: New Technology and Marketing
This Special Issue will showcase scholarship examining the impact of new technologies on important marketing questions using consumer, firm, competition, market, policy, or societal perspectives. View TPM Conference photos.

JM – Research Development Workshops
The Journal of Marketing editors will host a series of workshops at universities around the world to further JM‘s mission. Enjoy photos from the April 2019 events in China.

Upcoming Conference Events Involving Journal of Marketing
See a calendar of conference events where the JM editorial team will be present.​​​​​

Rethinking Marketing Scholarship from a “Better Marketing for a Better World” Perspective
During the 2018 Summer AMA and ACR conferences, leading scholars discussed what research in their areas would look like if they adopted a BMBW perspective. Here’s what they shared.

Insights for Marketers

Auction Buyers Pay More When Bidding in Warm Rooms
In auctions, higher (vs. moderate) temperatures increase consumers’ willingness to pay. However, in negotiations, a markedly different pattern emerges: higher temperatures lower willingness to pay.

Webinar for Marketing Professionals
Eat your lunch with leading professors and gain actionable insights based on peer-reviewed scientific studies.​

Journal of Marketing Insights in the Classroom
This program is designed to help marketing professors and professionals adopt and share ideas and findings from articles published in JM

Journal of Marketing Scholarly Insights
Read manager-friendly versions of recently published JM research.