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Suzanne Buzek Named Volunteer of the Year by AMA

Suzanne Buzek Named Volunteer of the Year by AMA

Chicago, IL—The American Marketing Association (AMA) is excited to announce Suzanne Buzek as the 2024 Ric Sweeney Professional Chapter Volunteer of the Year award winner!

“AMA is an amazing community, and that is all thanks to the individuals who dedicated their time and efforts, and energy—over 1 million hours of volunteer time—to making this marketing space an incredible experience,” said Bennie F. Johnson, AMA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Suzanne does more than simply volunteer. She makes our community and our industry better, her impact is felt through her creativity, her guidance for new chapter members, and her dedication to our mission. Congratulations, Suzanne, on being named the 2024 Ric Sweeney Professional Chapter Volunteer of the Year award winner!”

“Suzanne has set the tone and energy for many of us in the chapter so many times. She won Silver Chapter of the Year, recruited AMAzing volunteers, and kept them engaged. She positively excels. Her patience with new members, creating a new program, and her drive to “Get Things Done” are unlike any other. Her dedication shows,” stated Afton Palmer, Immediate Past President of AMA Cincinnati

In 2013, Buzek became a member of AMA and began her volunteer journey. She joined AMA Cincinnati’s board in 2015 and held several roles including: VP Volunteers, VP Special Events, VP Marketing Communications, President-Elect, President, Past President, Advisor, VP Collegiate Connections, and VP Mentorship. Additionally, AMA Cincinnati won Silver Chapter of the Year for her presidential year (2018-19). In 2020, inspired by and with chapter leaders around the country to attract and retain diverse talent in the marketing field, she volunteered at the national level by joining the AMA Professional Chapter Council’s DEI Committee to conduct research and co-write a white paper on how marketers can create a more inclusive future.

Buzek is the Director of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business. In this role, she fuses her passion for branding, fascination with storytelling and appetite for collaboration to demonstrate how Lindner empowers business problem solvers. She is a native and proud resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

We also want to honor to recognize this year’s finalists, all of whom have undoubtedly made an impact on the AMA community. Please join us in saluting this incredible class of community builders and givers. 

  • Dov Hoffman, AMA Baltimore
  • Matt Farley, AMA Oklahoma City
  • Jaz Hill, AMA Birmingham
  • Heidi Proctor, AMA San Antonio
  • Cole Finley, AMA Austin
  • Afton Palmer, AMA Cincinnati
  • Elizabeth Mitelman, AMA San Francisco
  • Kristy Nunez, AMA San Diego
  • Debbie Bolton, AMA Toronto

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