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  • Intro to UX for Digital Marketing Success

    Bridge the divide between marketers and user experience (UX) for a higher ROI.

    Beginner | 1 Hour | 11 Modules

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Skills You’ll Gain

User Experience (UX) UX Design UX Basics

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about the typical roles within UX, how to define UX and potential implications within marketing-related projects.
  • Become a marketer who is also a UX evangelist and learn how to make the business case for user experience within your organization.
  • Learn skills like UX strategy, effective user targeting, and task prioritization to aid your marketing efforts.

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Intro to UX for Digital Marketing Success





Are you an AMA Professional Certified Marketer®️? This training is worth 1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your PCM®️ certification.

Course Overview

Marketers often misunderstand User Experience (UX). Isn’t UX the same as marketing and Customer Experience (CX)? What happens to the performance of our products and websites when UX is overlooked? This course bridges the divide between marketing and UX so marketers will be more informed and trained to contribute to UX efforts. These efforts help move the needle for higher ROI on the performance of your products and websites.

Skill Level: Beginner

11 Modules

Start the course off by learning a little about the instructor and setting the stage for what you will learn in the course.

Learn more about the instructor’s company to gain perspective of where their knowledge on the topic comes from.

Lay the foundation by understanding what UX is to frame its relevance for marketing professionals.

Follow several examples to understand what can happen when UX goes wrong and why it is important to focus on up front.

Understand the return on investment for UX, including the cost and time savings it can have for your business.

Consider your user’s expectations by exploring mental models and understanding how experiences should function.

Determine how to tailor your product by building out UX profiles to meet the different segments and your business needs.

Visualize who you are designing for to better understand their perspective by completing a persona exercise.

Replicate how your users will engage to identify the pain points they might face by completing a scenario activity.

Focus on identifying the tasks your user has to do through completing prioritization and task flow exercises.

Complete the course by taking an ungraded Knowledge Check and reviewing additional opportunities to continue learning.

Meet Your Instructor

Abdul Suleiman

Abdul Suleiman

Chief Experience Officer of UX 4Sight

Abdul Suleiman is the Chief Experience Officer of UX 4Sight, a digital user experience (UX) agency specializing in making websites and software applications more intuitive, engaging and profitable. For the last 20 years, he has helped over 40 Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Citi and Merck, strategically gather, analyze and apply evidence-based user research to make informed user-centered design decisions.

As an Adjunct Professor, Abdul has taught in DePaul University’s graduate UX programs and for ten other universities. He has also taught over 330 UX best practices courses across 12 different course titles for companies like Disney, Capital One, Visa and Intuit. Abdul holds a Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His degree specialization encompasses User Experience and MBA coursework. He received his BA with honors from Loyola University Chicago.

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