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AMA Transitions Guide: Navigating the Progression from Doctoral Student to Marketing Professor

The Doctoral Student Special Interest Group (DocSIG), in conjunction with the American Marketing Association, is pleased to present The AMA Transitions Guide: Navigating the Progression from Doctoral Student to Marketing Professor. This document is meant to serve as an official, comprehensive guide for marketing doctoral students as they transition from student life to professor life. It contains information that is relevant to the job search, interviewing process, and transitioning to life as a new professor, among other topics.

The creation of this would not be possible without the dedication of many parties and individuals. DocSIG would like to thank the professors, each of whom coauthored a section of this guide:

Ali Besharat, University of Denver 
Laurel Cook, West Virginia University
Andrea Dixon, Baylor University
Dave Hardisty, University of British Columbia
Conor Henderson, University of Oregon
Ronald Hill, Villanova University
Mark Houston, Texas Christian University
Ginger Killian, University of Central Missouri
Son Lam, University of Georgia
Cait Lamberton, University of Pittsburgh
Kristy McManus, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Dave Norton, University of Connecticut
Ethan Pew, Stonybrook University
Teresa Preston, University of Arkansas
Jessica Rixom, Florida International University
Jim Salas, Pepperdine University
Robin Soster, University of Arkansas
Clay Voorhees, Michigan State University
Jeremy Wolter, Auburn University
Marie Yeh, Loyola Maryland University
C├ęsar Zamudio, Kent State University