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About AMA

As the largest chapter-based marketing association in the world, the AMA is trusted by marketing and sales professionals to help them discover what is coming next in the industry. The AMA has a community of local chapters in more than 70 cities and 350 college campuses throughout North America. The AMA is home to award-winning content, PCM® professional certification, premiere academic journals, and industry-leading training events and conferences.

Media Contact

For media questions and interviews, contact Amy Gwiazdowski, Vice President, Communications

If you have a speaking request for AMA’s CEO, Bennie F. Johnson, submit your request here.

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In a world where marketing is everything, and everything is marketing, we explore the world through the reflection of marketing. Everything can be a marketing conversation, we’ll take it one step further and explore the space at the intersection of marketing and…

Interested in joining us for a conversation? Send an email to Amy Gwiazdowski to learn more.

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AMA Journals

AMA Academic Journals

AMA Academic Journals publish the latest peer-reviewed research aimed at advancing our industry and equipping business professionals with the insight needed to make better managerial decisions. Digital access to all five of our journals is an included benefit that comes with being an AMA member.

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