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Academic SIGs – Full List

Academic SIGs - Full List

AMA Academic SIGs are communities of primarily academic members with common scholarly interests who are interested in sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. Joining one of our 17 SIGs has benefits such as:

  • In-person and virtual collaboration opportunities with academics in your shared field of interest.
  • Special events such as conference and pre-conference programs, largely in conjunction with our academic conferences.
  • Networking opportunities to foster research and publishing partnerships.
  • Digital resources with specialized teaching, research, and funding support.

Special Interest Groups are free to Academic Members (who may join any or multiple SIGs as a part of their membership). Professional Members may add any or multiple Special Interest Groups for one fee ($45) to coincide with membership.

Pop-up SIGs
Organizational Frontlines Research

If you have an Academic AMA membership and would like to join a SIG, please submit your selections through the SIG form.