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At SERVSIG, we are serious about service! For 25 years, we serve academics worldwide who are interested in service. We strive to be the best platform worldwide for keeping in touch with people, events, and thinking in the broad field of service, whether it is service marketing, management, science, engineering, design, arts, or any new service field on the horizon.

We are relentless about providing unrivaled service to our members, developing innovative new services that help researchers succeed in their careers. We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest advances in all aspects of service research and make this easy for members to access. The ultimate goal is to build a truly global community of service researchers.

Most important, SERVSIG is passionate about being a welcoming community to all researchers interested in Service. Since its founding in 1993, SERVSIG has followed three overarching goals to ensure that all feel welcome. SERVSIG is Open, Flexible, and Fun.


We are open to new people, new ideas, and new ways of doing things.


We minimize red tape to allow for maximum organizational flexibility.


We love Service, and it shows in everything we do. We are serious about being intellectually nourishing for our members without taking ourselves too seriously.


SERVSIG’s annual budget is determined by the size of our membership, so we need your help if we are to continue to support the service research community. There are two ways to support SERVSIG and all of our great activities. (1)  When you join the AMA, you are allowed to join one special interest group for free. If you are interested in supporting SERVSIG, then please check the Service box under the Special Interest Groups section of the AMA application. (2) If you are already a member of AMA, then you need to renew your application each year. To support SERVSIG, please select “Service” as your SIG on the renewal application.

Additional Benefits

SERVSIG hosts and sponsors a variety of service events around the world, celebrates the achievements of service researchers through many of the most prestigious awards in the field, and provides a number of services to support and grow the service research community around the world.


  • SERVSIG Conference
  • SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium
  • Let’s Talk About Service (LTAS) Workshop
  • Co-Creation in Service – Customer Engagement (CCIS-CE) Symposium


  • Bi-monthly newsletter sent to 2,000 subscribers
  • Teaching support (e.g. Syllabi , Business Cases, Book updates)
  • Research Support (Service Literature Alert System)
  • Google Calendar with all service events and deadlines
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

Join us!

We are always looking for new members, volunteers, and fresh faces at SERVSIG.

If you are interested in Service, we hope that you will join this Open, Flexible, and Fun community. There are numerous opportunities to participate:

  • Join our Facebook group / page and LinkedIn groups
  • Follow us on Twitter at @amaservsig, or connect us to your tweets using #servsig

For more information, visit the SERVSIG Website.

Liam Glynn Research Scholarship Award Winners

SERVSIG and the ASU Center for Services Leadership give emerging services scholars the opportunity to attend the Services Doctoral Consortium and the Frontiers in Services Conference. The first Director of the UCD Centre for Quality and Services Management, Liam Glynn published services marketing articles in France, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Co-editor of Understanding Services Management in 1995, he was the Membership Coordinator for SERVSIG and co-chaired the first SERVSIG Conference on services research in 1999. SERVSIG created an annual travel scholarship in Liam’s name to honor his memory.

Previous Winners

2019 – Jonathan Beck, Amjad Shamim, Dorottya Varga, Maarten Volkers

2018 – Yupal Skukla, Delphine Caruelle

2017 – Simon Hazee (Finalist: Janthorn Sinthupundaja, Leonhard Mandl)

2016 – Amjad Shamim, Kaisa Kaskela Huatari, Kotaiba Aal

2015 – Anna Girard, Anne Grego-Nagel, Francisco Villarroel-Ordenes, Kristina Lindsey Hall

2014 – Laura Colm, Arne De Keyser, Edy Herman Mulyono, Linda Nasr

2013 – Ben Lucas, Eric Olson, Neha Sadhotra, and Yi-Chun Ou

Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions Award Winners

The “Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award” is presented annually by SERVSIG to the individual whose teaching, research and service have had the greatest long-term impact on the development of the services discipline. Career contributions of the candidates should be of long duration, preferably 15 to 20 years. Contributions to the services discipline should be significant, frequent, and include recent contributions.

Previous Winners

2021 – Jim Spohrer (International Society of Service Innovation Professionals)

2020 – Steve Vargo (University of Hawaii)

2019 – Jochen Wirtz (National University of Singapore)

2018 – Anders Gustafsson (BI-Norwegian Business School, Norway; Karlstad Business School, Sweden)

2017 – Tim Keiningham (St. John’s University, USA)

2016 – Michael K. Brady (Florida State University, USA)

2015 – Katherine N. Lemon (Boston College, USA)

2014 – Dwayne D. Gremler (Bowling Green State University, USA)

2013 – Paul Patterson (University of New South Wales, Australia)

SERVSIG Best Dissertation Award in Service Research Winner

The Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, has a strong reputation in the field of Services Marketing, which has been the main focus since its inception. Maastricht University is proud to be recognized as a top marketing department by the global research cooperations on state-of-the-art service research and by the different research awards that Maastricht cherishes. The Service Science Factory at Maastricht University brings together business and academia to help organizations differentiate themselves through innovative services and to validate academic service research with different external non-academic stakeholders.

Previous Winners

2021 – Larissa Becker, Tampere University, Finland

2020 – Josina Vink – Institute of Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

2019 – Anne-Madeleine Kranzbühler – Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

2018 – Leonhard Mandl – Catholic University Eichstaett

2017 – Alexander Henkel – Open University, The Netherlands
Finalist: Robert Ciuchita, Danilo Brozović

2016 – Arne De Keyser – EDHEC Business School
Finalist: Michelle Andrews, Mina Rohani

SERVSIG Emerging Service Scholar Award

The Emerging Service Scholar Award recognizes contributions to advancing the study of service research, and will be given annually to honor the contributions of a researcher in the earlier stages of his or her academic career. The award is given annually and is presented at the Frontiers in Services Conference. The award was initiated by the digital media lab @ UMass Boston and granted by the University of Porto

Granted by the University of Porto

2021 – Lena Steinhoff – University of Rostock

2020 – Linda Hollebeek – Montpellier Business School

2019 – Jan Schumann – University of Passau

2018 – Nancy Siriani – University of Alabama

2017 – Martin Mende – Florida State University

2016 – Bart Larivière – Ghent University

2015 – Elisabeth Brüggen and Clay Voorhees

Linda Alkire, Texas State University

Sertan Kabadayi, Fordham University

Immediate Past Chair
Lerzan Aksoy, Fordham University

Harrison B. Pugh, University of North Carolina

Legacy Officer & SERVSIG Conference Curator, Founder of SERVSIG
Ray Fisk, Texas State University – San Marco

Communication & Community Development Officer
Werner Kunz, University of Massachusetts

Education Officer

Sven Tuzovic, Queensland University of Technology

Mentoring Officer
Kristina Heinonen, Hanken School of Economic

Co-Mentoring Doctoral Consortium Officers
Nicole Hartley, University of Queensland Australia

Stacey G. Robinson, University of Alabama

Liason Officers

Martin Mende, Florida State University

Jan Schumann, University of Passau

Global Outreach Officers

Tom Chen, Newcastle University

Ming-Hui Huang, National Taiwan University

SERVSIG Social Media Manager

Hugo Guyader, Linköping University

SERVSIG Technology Advisor

Karim Sidaoui, University of Manchester