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Global Marketing SIG

Global Marketing SIG

The Global Marketing SIG serves members who have an interest in the teaching, research, and facilitating of global marketing. The Global Marketing SIG is one of the largest and most active special interest groups in the AMA. They create value for their members through newsletters, special international conferences and pre-conference and in-conference sessions. They are dedicated to faculty growth and education and to the development of new knowledge.

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SIG Objectives

  1. Facilitate interaction among academics, business people, and government representatives;
  2. Promote the globalization of marketing courses;
  3. Foster research on global marketing issues; and
  4. Disseminate research findings, theoretical contributions, and successful business practices among members.

These objectives are accomplished though activities, such as:

  1. Offer conference seminars and programs that will enhance classroom and research activities;
  2. Offer competitive, in-conference sessions of peer-reviewed papers and panels;
  3. Sponsor international conference with the Academy of Marketing (UK) on a bi-annual basis;
  4. Co-sponsor other international conference(s) when and where appropriate;
  5. Support international activities that augment AMA international objectivies;
  6. Recognize contributions of scholars to the development of international marketing education.

For more information, please visit the Global Marketing SIG website.

Excellence in Global Marketing Research

The Excellence in Global Marketing Research Award recognizes an outstanding article published in a widely recognized and highly respected refereed journal that has made a significant contribution to the literature on global marketing. A panel of past winners of the Global Marketing SIG awards, current and past editors/co-editors of the Journal of International Marketing, and other distinguished academics appointed by the board of directors of the AMA Global Marketing SIG selected the winner.

Previous Winners

2021: Stephen A. Samaha, Joshua T. Beck, and Robert W. Palmatier (2014). The Role of Culture in International Relationship Marketing. Journal of Marketing

2020: Steenkamp, J.-B. E. M., & de Jong, M. G. (2010). A Global Investigation into the Constellation of Consumer Attitudes toward Global and Local Products. Journal of Marketing, 74(6), 18–40

2019: Gerard J. Tellis, Jaideep C. Prabhu, and Rajesh K. Chandy (2009), “Radical innovation across nations: The preeminence of corporate culture,” Journal of Marketing 73 (1), 3-23.

2018: Luis Filipe Lages, Sandy D. Jap, and David A. Griffith (2007), “The role of past performance in export ventures: A short-term reactive approach,” Journal of International Business Studies 39 (2), 304-325.

2017: Gielens, Katrijn and Dekimpe G. Marnik (2007), “The entry strategy of retail firms into transition economies,” Journal of Marketing 71 (2), 196-212.

2015: Katsikeas, Constantine S., Saeed Samiee and Marios Theodosiou (2006), “Strategy fit and performance consequences of international marketing standardization,” Strategic Management Journal, 27(9), 867-890.

2014: Laszlo Tihanyi, David A. Griffith and Craig J. Russell (2005), “The Effect of Cultural Distance on Entry Mode Choice, International Diversification, and MNE Performance: A Meta Analysis,” Journal of International Business Studies, 36 (3), 270-283.

2013: Neil A. Morgan, Anna Kaleka and Constantine S. Katsikeas, Leeds University (2004), “Antecedents of Export Venture Performance: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Assessment,” Journal of Marketing, 68(1), 90-108.

Significant Contributions to Global Marketing

The Significant Contributions Award honors a scholar who has contributed significantly to the field of global marketing. A panel of past winners of the Significant Contributions award, current and past editors/co-editors of the Journal of International Marketing, and other distinguished academics appointed by the board of directors of the AMA Global Marketing SIG selected the winner.

Previous Winners

2021: Adamantios Siamantopoulos, Vienna University

2020: Bodo Schlegelmilch, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

2019: David A. Griffith, Texas A&M University

2018: Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2017: Saeed Samiee, University of Tulsa

2015: Daniel C. Bello, Georgia State University

2014: Jeryl Whitelock, University of Bradford

2013: Subhash C. Jain, University of Connecticut

Global Marketing Chair
Goksel Yalcinkaya
University of New Hampshire

Global Marketing Coordination and Advisory
Constantine S. Katsikeas
Leeds University Business School

Global Marketing PhD Liaison
Kelly Hewett
University of Tennessee

Global Marketing Financial Planning
Peter Magnusson
University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

Global Marketing Conference Liaison
Constantinos Leonidou
Open University of Cyprus

Global Marketing Conference Liaison
Daekwan Kim
Florida State University

Global Marketing Conference Liaison
Magnus Hultman
Brock University

Global Marketing Immediate Past Chair:
Annie Cui 
West Virgina University