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Pop-Up SIG: Sustainable Marketing

The Sustainable Marketing Pop-Up Special Interest Group serves academics and practitioners who want to collaborate in order to advance research, teaching, and stakeholder partnerships related to sustainable marketing. The realities of rapid global warming, increasing plastic and other pollution, as well as lack of fair trade practices within many supply chains present serious challenges. Given its central role in the development, production, distribution, and post-consumption destination of consumer and business products, the marketing discipline in general and AMA members in particular are very well-positioned to develop innovative, cost-effective approaches that improve and safeguard the physical and social environments, both for today and for future generations. The Pop-Up SIG will bring together AMA members who are working with rapidly evolving concepts such as the triple bottom line, supply chain social responsibility, the circular economy, the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), and many other sustainable marketing topics. Members develop and disseminate sustainable marketing knowledge in cooperation with AMA through research, curriculum development, and industry/organization partnerships.