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Pop-Up SIGs

Pop-Up SIGs

Monica Gerhardt

Pop-up SIGs are temporary entities (formed for a period of one to three years) that are created to address emerging topics in marketing that typically fall at the intersection of existing SIGs or around new substantive/thematic developments in the field. The Organizational Frontlines group has been successful in holding programming and attracting members from diverse SIGs in the past and that is the pilot as a Pop-up SIG. These may transition into SIGs of their own if they have enough members at the end of three years or may be folded into existing SIGs (provided the SIG agrees to merge with the Pop-Up). It is a way for AMA to promote new topic areas within marketing, and to highlight topics that are at the intersection of different sub-fields in marketing.

At the moment, Pop-up SIGs do not receive steady funding the way a traditional SIG typically does, but are able to apply for funding on an ad-hoc basis to support their activities. They are also highly encouraged to collaborate with existing SIGs.


Pop-Up SIG Membership Application

To launch a Pop-up SIG, we are asking for the following information to get things started:

  • Name and Topic/Focus of Pop-up: 50-200 words.
  • Point of Distinction: The proposal will need to address how the proposed Pop-up is different from and related to existing SIGs (in 400 words or less). The AMA SIG liaison will bring these proposals to the Academic Council for approval. The Pop-up application must also identify the pre-existing SIGS most closely related to it.
  • Name of Applicant: Name, institution, etc., and brief bio of the proposed Pop-up SIG coordinator. This coordinator will be the point of contact and will be required to respond to inquiries from AMA within 7 days.
  • Name of Pop-up SIG leadership committee (if applicable): Names and contact information.
  • Names of initial members: Names and emails of at least 10 members.
  • Proposed/Planned Activities: 400 words or less. What are some of the specific activities the Pop-Up would like to implement in the next 18 months, e.g., networking reception, topic-specific poster session, special session, pre-conference program, something specific in the conference city like visiting a company or non-profit, etc. The application should specify a targeted time and location for the proposed event(s) (e.g., Thursday of Summer AMA, group tour of XYZ company headquarters; datablitz breakfast proposed for Sunday of Winter AMA). There may be funding available to support these activities, and the Pop-Up can approach the SIG/Pop-Up liaison within AMA to secure funding for the events. Many of these events can be planned around the Academic Conferences or activities of various AMA Chapters.

Please submit applications to

Monica Gerhardt is Director of the Academic Communities and Journals at AMA where she delivers community-driven events, supports volunteer leaders and Special Interest Groups, and continues to foster a “sense of home” for fellowship and camaraderie among marketing academics.