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JM Webinar for Marketing Professionals

Join us for an upcoming webinar of authors sharing research insights from their recently published Journal of Marketing articles. We encourage you to invite your colleagues, students, and managerial colleagues that might be interested in these topics.

Date: October 29, 2019

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern)

“Using Text for Marketing Insights”

Voice assistants, online reviews, customer service calls, press releases, marketing communications, and other interactions create textual data companies can analyze to optimize services and develop new products. By some estimates, 80-95% of all business data is unstructured, and most of that is text.

How can marketing managers and academics best use textual data to derive marketing insight?  This webinar features three experts who will share advice and experience in this process, including an overview of the methodologies and metrics used in text analysis across the field of marketing.

Presented by Jonah Berger (University of Pennsylvania), Ashlee Humphreys (Northwestern University), and Oded Netzer (Columbia University).

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Jonah Berger

Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Pennsylvania

Ashlee Humphreys

Associate Professor, Northwestern University

Oded Netzer

Professor of Business, Columbia University

Christine Moorman

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Marketing

JM Webinar for Marketing Professionals