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JM Webinar Series: Insights for Managers (May 2020)

“Branding Cultural Products in International Markets”

Cultural products with brand name recognition in their home countries often are translated for overseas markets. The trend is to stay as close as possible to the original name, particularly for well-branded products (e.g., Batman movies). However, reframing a brand name may sometimes be necessary if it is culturally distant to foreign consumers. A new study in the Journal of Marketing examines brand name strategies when cultural products are marketed in foreign countries. Using Hollywood movies shown in China from 2011 to 2018, the team will share their insights during this webinar.

The full article in JM is available here.

By Weihe Gao (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Li Ji (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Yong Liu (University of Arizona), and Qi Sun (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)

The Customer Experience Secrets of Leisure Brands

The world’s top leisure brands have built empires by creating sticky journeys that keep customers as engaged as possible. Athletes don’t just work out at CrossFit; they’re obsessed with it. Gamers don’t just play Pokémon Go for a little while; they’re hooked for hours on end. Singles on Tinder don’t just hunt for new partners; they’re addicted to the hunt itself.  The secret behind these breakthrough brands is creating an unusual—sticky—journey that defies all the usual rules of marketing: It’s all about creating intentionally chaotic, maddening, and unpredictable customer experiences.  The authors of this Journal of Marketing article will share their insights on these journeys during the webinar. 

By Anton Siebert (Newcastle University), Ahir Gopaldas (Fordham University), Andrew Lindridge (Newcastle University), and Cláudia Simões (University of Minho)

Date: May 27, 2020

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern)

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Qi Sun

Associate Professor of Marketing, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Yong Liu

Professor of Marketing, University of Arizona

Anton Siebert

PhD Student, Newcastle University

Ahir Gopaldas

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Fordham University

Christine Moorman

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Marketing

JM Webinar Series: Insights for Managers (May 2020)