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JM Webinar: Does a Customer on the Board of Directors Affect Business-to-Business Firm Performance?

“Improve the customer experience” is the rallying call of companies everywhere. Leaders know that a better customer experience drives sales, increases retention, and decreases price sensitivity. Companies go to great lengths to gain insight into their customers’ needs, using data analytics, surveys, focus groups, and interviews. One novel way to achieve this objective is to have a customer on the board of directors (COB), something only one in three B2B companies in the U.S. currently do. A Journal of Marketing article examines this little-studied practice to determine whether having a customer on the board of directors positively or negatively impacts firm performance. Check out the webinar for insights.

Featured speakers in video: Raghu Bommaraju (Iowa State University) and Michael Ahearne (University of Houston)

All authors: Raghu Bommaraju (Iowa State University), Michael Ahearne (University of Houston), Ryan Krause (Texas Christian University), and Seshadri Tirunillai (University of Houston)

Full article:

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