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JM Webinar: Creating Boundary-Breaking, Marketing-Relevant Consumer Research

This webinar focuses on helping scholars develop boundary-breaking marketing-relevant consumer research—defined as research focused on issues related to the interaction between consumers and other marketing stakeholders. This webinar seeks to remedy the problem that consumer research often fails to have broad impact on members of our own discipline, on adjacent disciplines studying related phenomena, and on relevant stakeholders who stand to benefit from the knowledge created by our rigorous research. In their Journal of Marketing article, the authors propose that impact is limited because consumer researchers adhere to a set of implicit boundaries or defaults regarding what we study, why we study it, and how we do so. In this webinar, the authors discuss how audience members can create boundary-breaking consumer research that has impact beyond a narrow set of marketing academics. They also relate case studies in their article to audience members’ own research problems. The authors discuss strategies and tactics audience members can use to create more impactful research.

Full article in the Journal of Marketing

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