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JM Webinar: Faculty Research Incentives and Business School Health: A New Perspective from and for Marketing

This Journal of Marketing study finds that the current research faculty incentive system in business schools is broken and unsustainable in the long run. Among other issues, the authors find that (1) business schools focus on the wrong incentives, leading to a high volume of research of low quality; (2) less relevant research leads to lower teaching quality; and (3) deans and associate deans feel business schools overpay faculty for the research they do. In this webinar, the authors provide several actionable strategies business schools can take to improve their “business school health.”

Featured Speakers: Stefan Stremersch (Erasmus University), Russell S. Winer (New York University), and Nuno Camacho (Erasmus University)

Full Journal of Marketing article:

Read the Scholarly Insight for this study here.