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JM Webinar: Marketing Ideas: How to Write Research Articles that Readers Understand and Cite

If scholars want to make an impact, they need to effectively market their ideas. However, academic writing is notoriously difficult to understand. In this Journal of Marketing study, researchers demonstrate that scholars write unclearly in part because they forget that they know more about their research than readers, a phenomenon called “the curse of knowledge.” Knowledge, or familiarity with their own research, prompts scholars to use three practices that make their writing difficult to understand: abstraction, technical language, and passive writing. Yet, articles with these qualities are harder for readers to understand and are less likely to be cited. In this webinar, the authors show how authors can market their ideas to reach and be understood by a broader audience. Tips and tools are reviewed.

Featured Speakers: Nooshin Warren and Matthew Farmer (both of University of Arizona)

Full Journal of Marketing article:

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