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JM Webinar: Caring for the Commons: Strategies to Enhance Stewardship of our Public Lands

Public goods, such as parks, waterways, drinking water, and air quality, require the collective efforts of all citizens to be environmentally sustainable. However, such efforts are threatened by budget cuts and other priorities. This Journal of Marketing study identifies a simple psychological mechanism that can be used to increase stewardship behaviors for the benefit of such public goods. Through a set of powerful field experiments, the authors show that increasing users’ psychological ownership, or feelings that a public good is “MINE!,” increases consumers’ care of that good without any change in legal ownership. This webinar offers tips regarding easy-to-implement strategies to use in environmental and other nonprofit ventures to increase participation in such campaigns, including picking up trash, volunteering to help, promoting the park on social media, and providing donations.

Full Journal of Marketing article:

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