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JM Webinar: Genetic Data: Potential Uses and Misuses in Marketing

Exponential growth of the direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTC-GT) industry has led to vast, privately-owned datasets containing individual-level genetic measures. Global companies, such as Spotify and AirBnB, have already partnered with DTC-GT companies and started incorporating genetic data into their business strategies.

This Journal of Marketing study explores the impact of this trend on the field of marketing. The authors build on past behavioral genetics research to incorporate genetic influences into existing consumer theory. They then survey potential uses of genetic data for marketing strategy and research, which include using genetics for identifying consumer needs, for personalization, for uncovering its biological underpinnings. The authors discuss this topic and consider its ethical challenges for marketing.

Featured Speakers: Remi Daviet (University of Wisconsin) and Gideon Nave (University of Pennsylvania)

Full Journal of Marketing article:

Read the Scholarly Insight for this study here.