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JM Webinar Series: Insights for Managers

Join us for an upcoming webinar of authors sharing research insights from their recently published Journal of Marketing articles. We encourage you to invite your colleagues, students, and managerial colleagues that might be interested in these topics.

Date: May 2, 2019 

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Eastern)

Topics and Authors:   

“5 Ways to Reduce Consumption and Slow Climate Change

  • Summary: We live in a consumption economy. Rising global wealth fuels an increase in both individual and corporate consumption, but under-investment in sustainable business practices and infrastructure could create critical challenges ahead. Recent reports indicate we are fast spoiling our natural environment, which will have consequences for this and future generations. Researchers, policy makers, and government and corporate leaders can help consumers rethink and change their behaviors. A new study in the Journal of Marketing provides a psychological framework to foster sustainable behavior, represented by the acronym SHIFT. Eat your lunch with these professors to learn more.
  • Presenters: David J. Hardisty (University of British Columbia) and Rishad Habib (University of British Columbia)
  • Read the full article


“How to Extinguish an Online Brand Firestorm”

  • Summary: More than 65 million firms leverage online brand communities to connect with customers and increase online reputation, brand patronage, and customer spending. However, online communities are vulnerable to online firestorms, or negative electronic word of mouth (eWOM), that receives substantial support from other customers in a short period of time. A new Journal of Marketing study explores the conditions that make eWOM go viral and how to detect, prevent, and mitigate online firestorms. The research team studied 472,995 negative customer posts across 89 online brand communities from leading S&P 500 companies. Listen to learn more.
  • Presenters: Dennis Herhausen (KEDGE Business School) and Stephan Ludwig (University of Melbourne)
  • Read the full article

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David J. Hardisty

Assistant Professor in Marketing and Behavioural Science, University of British Columbia

Rishad Habib

PhD Student in Marketing and Behavioural Science, University of British Columbia

Dennis Herhausen

Associate Professor of Marketing, KEDGE Business School

Stephan Ludwig

Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Melbourne

Robert W. Palmatier

Coeditor, Journal of Marketing

JM Webinar Series: Insights for Managers