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2020 National Volunteer Week

2020 National Volunteer Week

As a community of communities, the American Marketing Association thrives because of the effort of volunteers. All across North America, they give their time and knowledge to help fellow marketers find their potential and advance their careers.

Thank you to all of our volunteers. Your phenomenal work helps us collectively build the essential community for marketers.

AMA Volunteer Opportunities

Professional Chapter Leaders

Volunteer leaders manage all aspects of operations at more than 70 local AMA professional chapters including board and financial management, membership engagement, program and communications development, sponsorship recruitment and collegiate relations. Volunteering with your local AMA chapter provides ample opportunity to form strong connections with other marketers, develop new skills and give back to your community.  

To find AMA volunteer opportunities in your area, contact your local AMA professional chapter.  

Collegiate Chapter Leaders

Each of the 300+ AMA collegiate chapters are operated by volunteer faculty advisors and student member leaders. They manage all aspects of the chapter including membership recruitment, fundraising, event programming, sponsorship and professional development. Volunteering for a collegiate chapter is a great way to learn new skills and build out your resume. Volunteers are also needed to judge many AMA collegiate competitions.

Contact your local collegiate chapter or email to indicate your interest to get involved.  If there is no chapter in your area, consider starting an AMA collegiate chapter.

Academic Special Interest Group Leaders

The AMA offers seventeen academic special interest groups (SIGs). Members are encouraged to actively participate in SIGs and to volunteer for SIG leadership. Involvement in SIGs opens up an extensive peer network in your specific area of marketing interest. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities within your SIG, email . 

Academic Paper and Journal Reviewers

The AMA is always seeking volunteer reviewers to offer insightful feedback to the over 1,200 scholarly papers submitted annually for presentation at AMA academic conferences. Faculty, doctoral students and other marketing scholars can contact to request more information on this opportunity.

Scholars who are interested in reviewing for an AMA journal can register and create a profile in ScholarOne Manuscript Central for each of AMA journals.  This peer-review interface allows editors to match papers on particular topics/methods with reviewers who have expertise in similar areas. Because most reviews are handled by a board of senior and established scholars hand-picked by the editor, interested volunteers are also encouraged to introduce themselves via email or at an event to the journal editor to let them know that they would like an opportunity to be mentored by the journal’s editorial board to help improve their reviewer skills. Further information about journal editors, their editorial boards and the submission and review process can be found on the AMA journals page.

Content Sources, Writers and Speakers

Marketing News is regularly seeking experts to comment on articles and is interested in having a rolodex of volunteer sources. If you’re interested in joining the Marketing News Expert Source group, Marketing News staff will be able to reach you for quotes or other insight for both print and web content. Simply fill out this short Marketing News Expert Source Form to indicate your interest.

You can also contribute your expertise by writing for the AMA for speaking at an AMA event.  Learn more about these content writing and speaking opportunities.

Why do our volunteers choose to spend their time serving the AMA community?

We’ll let them tell you.

Stacy Armijo

AMA Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year, AMA Board of Directors Chair-Elect, Former Austin Chapter president, Former PCC President

Why do you volunteer?

“I started volunteering for a simple reason: Because someone asked. That might seem obvious, but it’s actually a lot more meaningful than that. When someone asks you to volunteer, they imply that you have something to contribute. That’s a huge compliment we tend to under-value when we treat volunteering as if it’s some unwelcome obligation. I started volunteering because someone thought enough of me to ask, and I’ve kept doing it for almost two decades because I think a lot of many other people who have so much to offer.”

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for the AMA?

“Being an AMA volunteer is the best investment I’ve made in my career, and if you invest in AMA, you’ll receive back abundantly. I gained skills through AMA volunteering that gave me competence and confidence to do more in my career than I would have thought possible. Most importantly, the personal connections I’ve made with fellow volunteers have become some of the closest I’m privileged to have. AMA brings together people who want to learn, grow and connect, and I continue to experience that every day.”

Werner Kunz

AMA Service Marketing SIG Chair

Share a standout moment from your AMA volunteer experience.

“Working for the service research community is more a process than just one particular moment. I’m proud to see, how much the community has grown over the years. We have people from all over the world, and more are joining every year. We have a growing number of subscribers and followers on our social media channels. And last but not least more and more people serving as volunteers for SERVSIG.”

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for the AMA?

“The impact that service can make in your academic career is widely underestimated in the American educational system. Most schools evaluate success based on journal publications and teaching evaluations. Although these achievements are rightfully important necessities for an academic scholar, they don’t guarantee you that you really have an impact in life with your work.

On the other hand, if you invest time to serve people practically, you automatically made an impact in the life of these people. If these people are also scholars like you; even better. It pays off to be helpful and of service for others.”

Myra Perez Rivera

AMA Faculty Advisor of the Year, AMA University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Chapter Faculty Advisor

Why do you volunteer?

“Working with AMA students and helping them accomplished their goals has provided me a new perspective of their greatness, their sensibility and character. Watching them grow and seeing how they become market leaders fills me with energy. I am happier with them as they give me a sense of purpose. They keep me alive!”

Share a standout moment from your AMA volunteer experience.

“In 2017, we survived Hurricane Maria. This atmospheric event left our country and University in shambles. We felt that we were not going to be able to fulfill our chapter duties. We were almost incapable of communicating with each other since there was very limited internet access. Besides, we did not have the basics: no water, no power, and the university remained closed until November. But we managed the situations, we found a way that kept us united, we built a support system among members to keep the spirit high as a fAMAly. We used different communication channels, instead of using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat we visited each other, and as a team, we transformed these difficult situations into an opportunity to excel and share.

We decided that as a group of marketers our duty was to help our country and our members. In that sense, we helped six small businesses stand again with our pro-bono consulting firm work. Looking back, we are grateful for what we lived. We learned the true meaning of community service and how it relates to professional development. I am sure that these students will always be there to help and to empower others, even if they are also suffering scarcity and great difficulty, and that, is simply great!”

Tiffani Brendeland

AMA Iowa Chapter Ambassador and Board Member

Why do you volunteer?

“I like meeting new people and leaning more about the industry. It is so fun to see someone’s passion for what they do! I have met some amazing and talented and funny people through AMA!”

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for the AMA?

“Do it. Try one thing, be an ambassador at a luncheon or help greet people at an event. Just be careful! You will enjoy it and will want to volunteer more. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll network and make new friends!”