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Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award

Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes and rewards outstanding professional chapter leaders whose contributions have added significantly to the American Marketing Association’s goals.


This award was named in in honor of Ric Sweeney, former AMA Chairman of the Board, former Professional Chapters Council President, former Cincinnati Chapter President and member of the AMA since 1996.

Recipients of the award exemplify the passion, talent and determination of the AMA volunteer.

Current Recipient

Angela Brutsche, Austin Chapter

Current Recipient:

Angela Brutsche, Austin Chapter

Previous Recipients

  • 2019- Stacy Armijo, Austin Chapter
  • 2018- Karen Albritton, Triangle Chapter
  • 2017- Evan Carroll, Triangle Chapter
  • 2016- Dennis Devlin, Cincinnati Chapter
  • 2015- Amy Gerhart Favreau, Richmond Chapter
  • 2014- Christine Mathers, Houston Chapter
  • 2013- Paul Stark, Chicago Chapter
  • 2012- Tom Dennis, Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
  • 2011- Myles Bristowe, Boston Chapter
  • 2010- Colin Hageney, Houston Chapter
  • 2009- Harvey John Morris, Chicago Chapter
  • 2008- Carol Shea, Cincinnati Chapter
  • 2007- Kimberly Guarino, Washington, DC Chapter
  • 2006- Mary Ann Keeler, New York Capital Region Chapter

For more information on the Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award or AMA Professional Chapters, please contact