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Chapter Leaders Resources

Chapter Leaders Resources

The AMA and the Collegiate Chapters Council offers active AMA chapters and members numerous opportunities to be recognized for their excellence and assist in the growth of their professional development. To learn more about the Chapter Affiliation Reporting, Awards, Presenting at ICC, Grants, and Scholarships, scroll down and click on the links. 

International Collegiate Conference (ICC) Awards & Competitions

Collegiate Chapters Affiliation: All collegiate chapters are required each year to submit their 3-Chapter Affiliation Reports – Chapter Plan, Annual Report and Chapter Leader Reporting (Affiliation Contacts). All Collegiate Chapters are required to submit a Chapter Plan and Annual Report to remain affiliated as an active AMA Collegiate Chapter in good standings. All chapters with an interest in competing in the Top Chapters and/or Functional awards recognized at the International Collegiate Conference must submit both a Chapter Plan and an Annual Report, and your chapter must express their interest to be judged.

Affiliation Reporting: Chapter Plans

The Chapter Plan is intended to focus the chapter’s attention and efforts on what needs to be accomplished in the academic year and how the chapter will achieve those goals. The Chapter Plan is designed to assist chapter leadership and members in developing their chapter goals and the strategies that will be used to achieve those goals. 

Chapter Plan Deadline Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2024 at Noon (12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST / 11:00am MST / 10:00am PST).

Affiliation Reporting: Annual Reports

The Annual Report helps focus the chapter’s attention on what was accomplished in the academic year and it summarizes the impact of those efforts.

Annual Report Deadline Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2024 at Noon (12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST / 11:00am MST / 10:00am PST).

Affiliation Reporting: Chapter Leaders/E-Board

All active Collegiate Chapters are required to report their incoming chapter leaders/e-board members on March 1 or anytime during the academic year that the chapter may experience chapter leader updates. All Collegiate Chapters are responsible for updating their chapter leaders in their Chapter’s Community Admin Portal (under Affiliate Contacts).

Chapter Leaders/E-Board Deadline: March 1st or anytime during the academic year.

Award Recognitions and Deadlines

Faculty Advisors: Hugh G. Wales Faculty Advisor Award 

Named in honor of the trailblazing Dr. Hugh G. Wales, the visionary who pioneered the Collegiate Chapter program and served as the inaugural AMA Collegiate Chapter advisor at the University of Illinois-Champaign, this award pays tribute to the unwavering commitment and exceptional dedication of faculty advisors.

NOMINATIONS DEADLINE DATE COMING SOON! (by Noon CST | 1:00pm EST | 11:00am MST | 10:00am PST).

AMA Collegiate Chapters are invited to nominate one faculty advisor for consideration.  The nomination consists of creating a PDF nomination report (three pages max) and submitting it online. The available awards are:

  • Advisor of the Year: One advisor will be selected as the top advisor to a Collegiate Chapter in 2024-2025.
  • Outstanding Faculty Advisors: Up to two advisors may be selected as exceptional advisors. 

Check out past winners! The recipients of either “Faculty Advisor of the Year or Outstanding Award” from the prior three academic years will not be eligible for nomination.

  • All AMA Collegiate Chapters faculty advisors are eligible for nomination (except those currently serving as representatives on the AMA Collegiate Chapters Council or past winners from the previous three years).
  • Before a faculty advisor is nominated, they must have two or more consecutive years of experience advising an AMA Collegiate Chapter.
  • The faculty advisor must be a current AMA member and must be listed/identified as a Faculty Advisor on your Chapter’s Affiliated Contacts.

The report should describe the manner in which the faculty advisor has fulfilled his/her role in serving the needs of the chapter.  Please cite specific examples (criteria included in judging rubric below) to explain why the advisor should be considered for recognition in this awards program.

  1. Chapter guidance (providing counsel and feedback, offering suggestions, etc.)
  2. Training of chapter officers and committee chairs
  3. Planning assistance (in setting objectives, program development, budgeting, obtaining resources from the school and community, etc.)
  4. Motivation
  5. Communication (with chapter officers, the business community, school, local AMA professional chapter (where possible), and the AMA Support Center 
  6. Providing for the continuity in the chapter from year to year
  7. General support for the chapter and the programs of the AMA
  8. Enthusiasm for the AMA and their Collegiate Chapter through the commitment to the role of a faculty advisor
  9. Service to the AMA Collegiate Division (e.g., judging chapter plans/annual reports/websites, participation in faculty sessions at the AMA International Collegiate Conference, etc.)
  10. Any other areas in which your advisor makes a significant contribution in support of your Collegiate Chapter or the marketing profession

Please remember:

  • The nomination report should be typed (double-spaced) and not exceed three pages long. 
  • The nomination report must not refer to the advisor by name. The advisor should only be referred to as “he/she/they,” “him/her/them,” “himself/herself/themself,” etc.  Disqualification will occur if the faculty advisor is identified by name in the report. However, save and submit your report with “University Name_Hugh G Wales Report.PDF” so we may internally identify the school that is submitting it.
  • The school’s name and chapter are prohibited from appearing in the nomination report to ensure complete objectivity in the evaluation process. Disqualification will occur if the school’s name and chapter appear inside the report.

The evaluation is conducted by a special awards committee consisting of AMA student members. Student judges are not allowed to evaluate nominations for their own faculty advisors. Announcements of the winners are made at the awards banquet during the AMA International Collegiate Conference. Although desirable, it is not necessary for the faculty advisor to be at the conference to receive the award.

Judging Rubric: Criteria and Points (70 Points Total)

  • Commitment to the role of the Collegiate Faculty Advisor (10 Points)
  • Support of the policies and programs of the AMA (10 Points)
  • The degree to which the individual advises and motivates (as opposed to leads or directs) the Chapter (10 Points)
  • Level of Demonstrated enthusiasm for the AMA and the Collegiate Chapter (10 Points)
  • Effectiveness of communication with Chapter Officers and members as well as other organizational constituencies(10 Points)
  • Service to the AMA Collegiate Division (10 Points)
  • Overall effectiveness as a Collegiate Faculty Advisor (10 Points)

Student Marketer of the Year Award

This award honors students who exemplify superior leadership, dedicated service to the AMA, outstanding academic achievement and meaningful community impact.

NOMINATIONS DEADLINE DATE COMING SOON! (by Noon CST | 1:00pm EST | 11:00am MST | 10:00am PST).

Each chapter may submit one entry with the following:

  • Two letters of recommendation: one from the AMA chapter faculty advisor and one from an AMA collegiate officer or a community leader who has benefited from the service or actions of the applicant. Recommendations must be from individuals familiar with the applicant and their accomplishments. The letter should highlight these accomplishments.
  • A current one-page resume. Resumes that exceed limits will not be forwarded to the selection committee.
  • Student response to essay questions. Essays exceeding page limits will not be forwarded to the selection committee.

Nominee Essay Questions
Students must respond to both essay questions noted below. Both essays should be double-spaced, 8.5″ x 11″, 1″ margins, and 12pt Times New Roman font. Answer both questions in one document on separate pages. Save as “Nominee Name_Essay Questions.PDF”. Judges will look for concise, well-edited and insightful responses.

Essay Questions:

  • Describe how you have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to both your education and professional development. (one half-page max)
  • Describe an experience related to your AMA membership, where you made a difference on-campus or in the community, region, nation or world. Describe what you learned and what the experience meant to you. Consider service to the AMA and your community, how you demonstrated leadership in this example, and your impact on others due to your involvement. (one page, max)

Submission Guidelines

Nominee submission uploads must be saved as PDF using the name formats listed below:

  • “Nominee Name_Nomination Letter_AMA Faculty Advisor.PDF”
  • “Nominee Name_Nomination Letter_AMA Collegiate Officer_Community Leader.PDF”
  • “Nominee Name_Resume.PDF”
  • “Nominee Name_Essay Questions.PDF”

Award applicants will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of AMA collegiate members. Nominees will be evaluated based on the complete application detailed above and the following criteria:

  • Service to AMA (1 to 10pts)

Service to AMA reflects a student’s commitment to their community. Students must demonstrate they provided leadership and support to service initiatives that benefit their AMA Chapter and their community. Service includes but is not limited to involvement in the AMA Collegiate Chapter. Preference is given to students who provide explicit evidence of leadership for service initiatives, act with integrity while serving and successfully represent the mission of both their AMA chapter and the AMA Support Center. 

  • Impact (1 to 10pts)

Applicants will be evaluated based on the overall impact of their work with their AMA Collegiate Chapter and the community. An applicant’s contribution or service should produce a positive change for others. Areas of impact may include but are not limited to academic fields of study, social change, cultural awareness or environmental preservation.

  • Leadership (1 to 10pts)

Successful applicants demonstrate effectiveness as a leader on and off campus. Leadership empowers others, challenges processes and creates positive change. Leadership is not strictly positional. It also involves fellowship and being a good team player.

  • Academic Excellence (1 to 10pts)

Academic excellence is a demonstration of the applicant’s commitment to education. GPA is only a component of academic excellence. While this should be included in the resume, it is not the only factor that will be considered. Students demonstrate their academic excellence in a brief essay focusing on their passion for learning, willingness to explore new ideas and creative application of knowledge to real-world solutions. 

 Awards will be announced at the AMA International Collegiate Conference. Nominees do not have to be present to win an award. 

Faculty Papers and Abstracts Session

The 2025 International Collegiate Conference (ICC) call for Faculty Papers and Abstracts WILL OPEN SOON!

Faculty presentations will consist of accepted Abstract, Extended Abstract and Full Paper presentations.  Only Full Papers are eligible for awards.

To learn more about the Faculty Papers & Abstracts sessions and requirements, click below.

Faculty Paper and Abstracts SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE DATE COMING SOON! (by Noon CST | 1:00pm EST | 11:00am MST | 10:00am PST).

  • Marketing Education Track: Topics may include measuring student performance, student learning styles in classrooms, experiential learning, technology in classrooms, internships and student projects, or any other topic relating to innovation and advancement of marketing education.
  • Curriculum Development Track: Topics may include integration of ethics, management of technology and international issues into the marketing curriculum, integration of student interpersonal competency development, development of institutes, centers, and interest/advisory groups, AACSB curriculum, standards or any other topics relating to curriculum issues.
  • Faculty Development Issues Track: Topics may include faculty development and evaluation, methods of validating more broadly defined scholarly activities, integrating and balancing career obligations in teaching, research and service or any other topic relating to faculty development.
  • Best Teaching Practices: Papers on best teaching practices at the Community College/University level will also be accepted for consideration.

Faculty presentations will consist of accepted Abstract, Extended Abstract and Full Paper presentations.  Only Full Papers are eligible for awards. All papers will undergo a double-blind review process. Accepted papers proceedings will be published digitally on the AMA website.

All Extended Abstracts MUST be submitted in PDF, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with 1 inch margins. 

Please begin with the following elements: 

  • 1. TITLE (bold, all caps). 
  • 2. Author Names, University Affiliations – No titles (Dr., Mr., Ms., etc.) should be used, nor should rank be indicated. 
  • 3. Contact Info: Under author names, please include the following statement for the lead author: 
  • “For further information, please contact Lead Author’s Full Name, Title, Affiliation (Email Address).” 
  • 4. Keywords: Please provide a list of 4-5 keywords.
  • 5. Description: Please provide a one (1) sentence description of your paper.

Please then standardize the organization and content of your Extended Abstract in accordance with the following headings: 

  • Lead Heading: EXTENDED ABSTRACT (bold, centered, all caps) 
  • Heading One: Research Question (bold, left-aligned, title caps)* 
  • Heading Two: Method and Data (bold, left-aligned, title caps)* This section is not applicable for nonempirical papers. 
  • Heading Three: Summary of Findings (bold, left-aligned, title caps)* 
  • Heading Four: Key Contributions (bold, left-aligned, title caps)* 
    • *Please limit your discussion under each of these headings to no more than 200 words. 

All submissions should be made electronically via the AMA’s online Faculty Paper and Abstract submission form. The deadline date to submit a Faculty Paper and Abstract will be Friday, March 1, 2024.

Important Dates:

  • Call for Faculty Paper and Abstracts Submissions Due: March 1, 2024
  • Accept/Reject Notifications: Will go out in Mid-March 2024
  • ICC Faculty Paper and Abstract Presentation Date: Friday, April 12, 2024
    • The submissions accepted will receive further instruction and details to prepare for the Faculty Paper and Abstract sessions at ICC.

Past ICC Faculty Proceedings:

Check out some of the past Faculty Proceedings presented a the AMA International Collegiate Conference (ICC).

Undergraduate Research Poster Session

The 2025 International Collegiate Conference (ICC) call for Undergraduate Research Posters WILL OPEN SOON!

The Undergraduate Research Poster session invites AMA national undergraduate student members to participate in this special session that allows students to showcase their research and a great way for participants to seek ICC travel funding from their institution. Students my showcase any research they have done in the field of marketing and examples can be class projects, market analysis, market research, positioning maps, etc.

To learn more about the Undergraduate Research Poster session and requirements, click below.

Undergraduate Research Poster abstract SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE DATE COMING SOON! (by Noon CST | 1:00pm EST | 11:00am MST | 10:00am PST).

The Undergraduate Research Poster session is an opportunity for student undergraduates to showcase their research and work they have done in the field of marketing. Examples can be class projects, market analysis, market research, positioning maps, etc.

How do I prepare for this session?

  • All submissions must be approved by the faculty member you worked with in the creation of the submitted work along with your chapter faculty advisor
  • Submissions must be from current AMA national undergraduate student members (teams of 1 to 2 students only)
  • Limit of one poster presentation per collegiate chapter/university will be selected
  • Poster abstract should not exceed 100 words (create your abstract in a word document and convert it to a PDF before you submit your abstract)

Do you want your Undergraduate Research poster to be considered for this session? To apply for the session, create your abstract and get it ready for submissions.

Abstract should include:

  • Objective
  • Hypothesis
  • Methodology (including sample and frame)
  • And it cannot include current case research
  • Poster abstract must not have overlap with current case client

In this session, you may showcase any research you have done in the field of marketing.  Examples can be class projects, market analysis, market research, positioning maps, etc. 

You cannot use current case competition research.

Individual and team presentations are allowed and all participants must be AMA national undergraduate student members. Accepted poster papers will be published digitally on the AMA website.

Requirements for Formatting and Submission Process for Posters-

Prepare and submit electronic documents in PDF format. Please include: 

  • Title
  • Author Name(s)
  • University Name
  • Contact Information (for further information, please contact Lead Author: Full Name, Title, Affiliation and Email Address)
  • Keywords (please provide a list of 4-5 keywords)
  • Description (please provide a one (1) sentence description of your paper)
  • Abstract of 100 words (with objective, hypothesis, methodology (including sample and frame)
    • Extended Abstract
      • Research Question – 100 words
      • Method and Data – 100 words
      • Summary of Findings – 100 words
      • Statement of Key Contributions – 100 words
      • No reference list is necessary. If necessary, please simply note “Reference are available upon request.”
      • Please do not include any graphic elements (e.g., display equations, tables, figures, appendices in Extended Abstracts.)  

The Top 30 submissions will be invited to present at ICC and will be judged. Accepted poster authors must agree to prepare a poster for display using a tri-fold poster and will be required to present it during the Undergraduate Research Poster session taking place at ICC:

  • Undergraduate Research Poster session | Set-Up: Friday, April 12 from 8:00a – 8:25a
  • Preliminary Round 1 Judging: Friday, April 12 from 8:30a – 9:30a
    • Poster authors must be prepared and ready to go next to their poster presentation to discuss their research and answer questions that will be asked by the Undergraduate Research Judges.
    • Judges will submit scores and identify what 6 Undergraduate Research Posters will move on and presenting at session.
    • Accepted posters papers will be included in the proceedings that will be published digitally on the AMA website.
  • Advancing Undergraduate Research Posters – Oral Presentation Session: Friday, April 12 from 11:00a – 12:00p
    • Advancing Undergraduate Research Poster authors will have 8-minutes to present and share an overview of their poster. (Oral presentation, no AV.)
  • Final Round of Poster Viewings and Judging: Friday, April 12 from 12:30p – 2:00p
    • Final Round will provide judges one last opportunity to review posters and submit final scores to determine the 2024 ICC Best Undergraduate Research Poster.
  • Best Undergraduate Research Poster winner will be announced at ICC during the Friday Awards Ceremony
    • Best Poster will receive a $100 prize and an AMA competition certificate
  • NEW SIGN UP PROCESS! The call for Undergraduate Research submission has a new application process and it will be facilitated through the AMA, Award Force platform. If the chapter has a team of two authors for the poster submission, the team must first identify who the primary lead contact will be and the primary contact will need to sign in to Award Force to complete the submission process and apply. If the team is new to the Award Force platform, the primary contact will be required to set up and create an account. Note: During sign up, the primary will be required to share both team member’s contact information, so have these details ready.
    • Note: The primary lead contact will be responsible for sharing all the communications and presentation details with their co-authors.
  • All submissions should be made electronically via the AMA’s online Undergraduate Research Poster submission form. The deadline date to submit a Undergraduate Research Poster abstract will be Friday, March 1, 2024.

Important Dates:

  • Call for Undergraduate Research Poster abstracts Submissions Due Date: March 1, 2024
  • Accept/Reject Notifications: Will go out in Mid-March 2024
  • ICC Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation Date: Friday, April 12, 2024
  • The submissions accepted will receive further instruction and details to prepare for the Undergraduate Research Poster sessions at ICC as we get closer to the event, so be on the lookout for those communications to hit the email inbox you used to apply for the call..

All Undergraduate Research Posters selected to present in-person at the International Collegiate Conference, will be evaluated and judged using the following criteria onsite.

Undergraduate Rubric

Research Question (25 points):

  • Clarity (10 points): Clearly articulated and focused research question.
  • Relevance (10 points): The question is relevant to the subject and demonstrates a clear understanding of the research area.
  • Originality (5 points): The research question shows creativity or innovation in approaching the topic.

Method And Data (25 points):

  • Description (10 points): Clearly explains the chosen research method and data collection procedures.
  • Appropriateness (10 points): Demonstrates the suitability of the chosen method and data for addressing the research question.
  • Rigor (5 points): Reflects a thoughtful consideration of potential biases, limitations, and ethical considerations.

Summary of Findings (25 points):

  • Clarity (10 points): Presents the findings in a clear and concise manner.
  • Accuracy (10 points): Ensures accuracy in summarizing the key results obtained from the research.
  • Relevance (5 points): Relates the findings back to the research question and objectives.

Statement of Key Contributions (25 points):

  • Identification (10 points): Clearly identifies and articulates the key contributions of the research.
  • Significance (10 points): Demonstrates the significance and impact of the contributions to the field.
  • Originality (5 points): Conveys any novel or unique aspects of the research.

Parade of Chapters – Join the fun!

Be part of the in-person ICC Experience! Help us kick-off the 2025 International Collegiate Conference (ICC) with the Parade of Chapters! Represent your chapter and show off your chapter’s spirt as you dress up and walk on the AMA stage during this high energy and fun activity.

Parade of Chapters Check-In and Onsite Sign Up | Location: 3rd Floor, Borgne Room (5:00pm)

Check out some of the fun pictures from last year!

For almost 40 years, the Student Career Forums (SCF) by Marketing EDGE have introduced students to the world of direct/digital and data-driven marketing. In addition, these forums delivered practical information to students on what they can do to prepare for a career in marketing while they are still in school. Offered in different regions across the country, the forums also gave students a glimpse into marketers’ day-to-day lives and valuable tips on landing internships and their first job out of school.

Moving forward, the American Marketing Association will be providing select AMA Collegiate Regional Events with Career Forum Grants to elevate their career development components and broaden their reach beyond the host institution, as we aim to continue the purpose of the SCFs.

Selected chapters will receive:

  • $1,000 Student Career Forum Grant
  • Support from the AMA Collegiate Communities Team throughout the event planning process
  • Assistance in marketing and communication efforts

To be selected, a regional event should:

  • Include a career development-focused keynote event or panel
  • Include networking opportunities between students and professionals
  • Include outreach to their nearest Professional Chapter
  • Be open to students within their region, beyond the institution, and regardless of AMA membership
  • Include in its program outcomes to prepare students for a career in marketing, whether during their time at school, or post-graduation
  • Incorporate belonging and accessibility (DEI) strategies throughout the event planning and execution process
  • Event can be either existing or inaugural
  • Chapters at Minority-serving Institutions (HBCUs, HSIs, etc.) are especially welcome to apply
  • Selection will also take into consideration regional scope, to represent at least four unique areas during the year

Once your chapter submits, the AMA collegiate team will consider your application and begin the selection process 2-3 weeks after the form closes. Please note, only one application per regional event will be considered.

Fall applications will close on August 16, 2024.

The American Marketing Association’s First-Generation Mentoring Program supports undergraduate students who are the first in their families to attend college. Through this program, First-Generation students will be matched with mentors that are experienced professionals in the Marketing field. 

Mentor and Mentee applications closed on December 12, 2023. To learn more, click here.

AMA Foundation Scholarships

American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF) scholarships are for marketing students who are leaders on campus and in the classroom. We believe in empowering the next generations of marketers who will make an impact for good and help make our industry more diverse.

  • Diversity Leadership Scholarship
  • Robert DeLay Social Impact Scholarship
  • EBSCO Student Scholar
  • Stryker Buoncristiano Scholarship
  • Lee Epstein Scholarship

Are You Graduating Soon? Submit Your Photo to be Recognized by AMA Collegiate!

AMA Seniors, we want to recognize you! Submit your graduation photo here for a chance to be featured on the AMA Collegiate Instagram page.