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Academic Council

The AMA Academic Council is a 12-member council that represents the diversity of scholarly interests in managerial, behavioral, modeling, and public policy perspectives with attention to strategic marketing implications. The AMA strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world; an essential community for marketers. 

In support of that mission, the AMA Academic Council advocates for the AMA academic membership and provides stewardship of Academic Special Interest Groups (SIGs), events, and related initiatives. The Academic Council operates within three core areas of service:

  • My AMA/Special Interest Groups | Improve academic member and SIG experience and identify new ways to promote member value.
  • AMA Thought Leadership | Improve academic conferences and collaborations between AMA journals/conferences; promote breadth and depth of AMA intellectual assets and members. 
  • AMA Community Advantage/Inclusive AMA | Leverage the tremendous wealth of the AMA scholarly journals, serve as a liaison with the Vice President of Publications and AMA Publications Policy Committee to advise on content related to the AMA Journal Reader​, Scholarly Insights, and Editors’ Perspectives.

Academic Council members ​serve a three-year term that starts in July and ends in June three years later. In-person meetings occur on the Thursday and Friday morning prior to the Summer and Winter conferences.  A Call for Nominations for members will open in July. The deadline for submission of a nomination is February 10, 2020, for open positions (term of July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023).​​

The Executive Committee of the Academic Council is made up of four Academic Council members with designated positions of President, President-Elect, President-Elect Designate, and Immediate Past President. The responsibilities of this committee are to set the agenda for the Academic Council and to identify new members to the Executive Committee and the Academic Council at large.

AMA Academic Council
The 2018 – 2019 council members are (from left): Ajay Kohli, Anders Gustafsson, Satish Jayachandran, Anne Roggeveen, Maura Scott, Aric Rindfleisch, Rebecca Slotegraaf,  Bryan Lukas, Vanitha Swaminathan, Karen Winterich, and Koen Pauwels. Not pictured: Simon Blanchard

Current Members of the AMA Academic Council​

Anders Gustafsson
(Executive Committee Term Ends 2021)
Research Professor
BI Norwegian Business School

Aric Rindfleisch
(Executive Committee Term Ends 2022)
Professor of Business Administration and John M. Jones Professor of Marketing
University of Illinois

President-Elect Designate 
Koen Pauwels (Executive Committee Term Ends 2023)
Professor of Marketing
Northeastern University

Immediate Past President​​
Vanitha Swaminathan
(Executive Committee Term Ends 2020)
Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing
University of Pittsburgh

Lerzan Aksoy (Term 2019 – 2022)
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Marketing
Fordham University​​​

Sundar Bharadwaj (Term 2019 – 2022)
The Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing
University of Georgia

Simon Blanchard​ (Term 2018 – 2021)
Associate Professor of Marketing and Keith Barket Faculty Fellow
Georgetown University

Satish Jayachandran (Term 2018 – 2021)
James F. Kane Professor of Business
University of South Carolina​

Bryan Lukas (Term 2018 – 2021)
Professor of Marketing
University of Manchester

Anne Roggeveen (Term 2017 – 2020)
Charles Clarke Reynolds Professor of Retailing and Marketing​
Babson College

Maura Scott (Term 2017 – 2020)
Professor of Marketing, Madeline Duncan
Rolland Professor of Business Administration
Florida State University

Karen Winterich (Term 2018 – 2021)
Associate Professor of Marketing and Frank and Mary Smeal Research Fellow of Marketing
Pennsylvania State University

Serving and Engaging the Academic Community

Agenda and Notes from Summer 2018 

Updates from the AMA Support Center

  • Introduction of new Chief Content Officer
  • SAGE/Publications Partnership
  • Essential Community Transformation Update
  • AMA Foundation Update

Seven Big Problems Book Series

  • Discussed trajectory of the series 

Committee Group Discussions

AMA Thought Leadership 

  • Focus: Improve academic conferences and collaborations between AMA Journals/conferences; Promote breadth and depth of AMA Intellectual assets and members.
  • Discussion Items: (1) Policy Board Discussion; (2) SAGE Publishing Partner Transition Update
  • Members: Vanitha Swaminathan, Ajay Kohli, Koen Pauwels, and Karen Winterich

My AMA/Special Interest Groups  

  • Focus: Improve academic member and SIG experience and identify new ways to promote member value.
  • Discussion Items: (1) SIG Status Update, (2) SIG Election Policy, (3) Future Integration of Pop-up SIGs
  • Members: Anders Gustafsson, Satish Jayachandran, Anne Roggeveen, and Maura Scott

AMA Community Advantage/Inclusive AMA

  • Focus: Connect AMA’s academic community within the marketing academic umbrella and with practitioners.
  • Discussion Items: (1) Potential Authors for the 7 Big Problems Book Series; (2) Potential Changes in Summer AMA and “Academic Placement”
  • Members: Aric Rindfleisch, Simon Blanchard, Bryan Lukas, and Rebecca Slotegraaf