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Volume 80, Number 2

March 2016​

Assessing Performance Outcomes in Marketing
Constantine S. Katsikeas, Neil A. Morgan, Leonidas C. Leonidou, and G. Tomas M. Hult
  • An assessment of performance outcome measures in marketing reveals significant problems with how such outcomes are conceptualized and operationalized and performance areas in which empirical knowledge of marketing's impact is limited. 
Exploring the Effects of “What” (Product) and “Where” (Website) Characteristics on Online Shopping Behavior
Girish Mallapragada, Sandeep R. Chandukala, and Qing Liu
  • This research examines the role of product and website characteristics -- the what and where contextual factors -- on online shopping behavior.
New Product Creativity: Understanding Contract Specificity in New Product Introductions
Tereza Dean, David A. Griffith, and Roger J. Calantone
  • Effectively coordinating new product introductions through retailers necessitates understanding not only the factors that influence specificity of the contract terms but also how this specificity influences the retailer's actions in support of the new product during the contract.
Washing Away Your Sins? Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Irresponsibility, and Firm Performance
Charles Kang, Frank Germann, and Rajdeep Grewal
  • Firms can expect to benefit financially from engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Yet, many firms invest in CSR to make amends for their past Corporate Social Irresponsibility (CSI), and these firms likely will not benefit financially from their CSR investments.
Understanding the Impact of In-Process Promotional Messages: An Application to Online Auctions
Caroline Ducarroz, Sha Yang, and Eric A. Greenleaf
  • This article examines how the messages that auctioneers frequently deliver to bidders during auctions affect bidder behavior and final auction prices, as well as the strategy auctioneers use to decide when to issue messages and what kind to use.
Motivating Sales Reps for Innovation Selling in Different Cultures
Sebastian Hohenberg and Christian Homburg
  • This study finds that, depending on sales reps' cultural imprint, various financial and nonfinancial steering instruments are differentially effective in motivating these reps for innovation selling.



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