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V. Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Marketing​ (JM), sat down with the American Marketing Association at Winter AMA 2016 to share a his thoughts on impact, theory, and other topics related to the state of JM as well as scholarly publishing and the peer-review process in general.  (view more here)​

Volume 80, Number 3

May 2016​

Brand Buzz in the Echoverse
Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland T. Rust, and Harald J. van Heerde
  • This study empirically documents the existence of a reverberating echoverse for brand communication, in which there are complex feedback loops (“echoes”) between the “universe” of corporate communications, news media, and user-generated social media.

​When Hostile Consumers Wreak Havoc on Your Brand: The Phenomenon of Consumer Brand Sabotage
Andrea Kähr, Bettina Nyffenegger, Harley Krohmer, and Wayne D. Hoyer
  • The article examines the under-researched phenomenon of consumer brand sabotage, where consumers have turned hostile and are determined to cause damage to the brand; it develops an improved theoretical understanding of the phenomenon and derives important implications for academics and managers.

Authority Relinquishment in Agency Relationships
Gülnur Tumbat and Kent Grayson
  • We study "authority relinquishment," an unexplored type of agreement between a principal (buyer) and an agent (seller), that reverses traditional authority relationships assumed in agency theory, and identify its conditions, benefits, and drawbacks using commercial mountaineering as its context.​

What Counts Versus What Can Be Counted: The Complex Interplay of Market Orientation and Marketing Performance Measurement
Johanna Frösén, Jukka Luoma, Matti Jaakkola, Henrikki Tikkanen, and Jaakko Aspara
  • The study (1) shows that firms aiming to achieve high performance benefit from combining a high market orientation (MO) with an appropriate level and content of marketing performance measurement (MPM) and (2) provides actionable benchmarks for such combinations.

​​​What Drives a Firm’s Choice of Product Recall Remedy? The Impact of Remedy Cost, Product Hazard, and the CEO
Angela Xia Liu, Yong Liu, and Ting Luo
  • During product recalls, companies' recall remedy decisions are influenced not only by remedy cost and consumer harm but also by the CEOs’ personal financial interests.

How Business Customers Judge Solutions: Solution Quality and Value in Use
Emma K. Macdonald, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, and Hugh N. Wilson



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