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JM Webinar Series: Insights for Scholars

Writing an Outstanding Review

This JM Webinar for Scholars will feature the JM editors sharing ideas and advice on the following topics related to writing an outstanding review: Why you should review; approaching the review; a recommended review mind-set; maximizing the impact of your review; writing the review; and what to learn after the editor’s decision. All current and new reviewers are encouraged to attend.

Christine Moorman
Harald van Heerde

Two sessions are scheduled to accommodate a diverse audience of scholars from around the world:

All marketing Ph.D. students and faculty are invited to attend. The editors will use video but you should keep your video and audio off during the presentation. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the webinar when you can type your questions into the chat function.  Maximum capacity is 300 and given we are using Zoom, there is no way to reserve your space; so first come, first serve. 

Webinars On Demand

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