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Principles, Core, and Intro to Marketing Mgmt Courses

A Cinderella Story: How Past Identity Salience Boosts Demand for Repurposed Products
Bernadette Kamleitner, Carina Thürridl, and Brett A.S. Martin (2019)

A Meta-Analysis of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Elasticity
Ya You, Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, and Amit M. Joshi (2015)

A Strategic Framework for CRM​
A.F.T. Payne and P.E. Frow​ (2005)

An Integrated Power and Efficiency Model of Contractual Channel Governance: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Stephen J. Carson and Mrinal Ghosh (2019)

Customer Experience Journeys: Loyalty Loops versus Involvement Spirals
Anton Siebert; Ahir Gopaldas; Andrew Lindridge, and Cláudia Simões (2020)

Customer Satisfaction and its Impact on the Future Costs of Selling
Lim Leon Gim. Kapil R. Tuli, Rajdeep Grewal (2020)

Creating Effective Online Customer Experiences
Alexander Bleier, Colleen M. Harmeling, and Robert W. Palmatier (2019)

Creating a Market Orientation: A Longitudinal, Multifirm, Grounded Analysis of Cultural Transformation
Gary F. Gebhardt, Gregory S. Carpenter, and John F. Sherry, Jr. ​(2006)

Effects of Liberalization on Incumbent Firms’ Marketing Mix Responses and Performance: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
Nandini Ramani and Raji Srinivasan (2019)

Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing: A Meta-Analysis
Robert W. Palmatier, Rajiv P. Dant, Dhruv Grewal, and Kenneth R. Evans (2006)

How Well Does Consumer-Based Brand Equity Align with Sales-Based Brand Equity and Marketing Mix Response?
Hannes Datta, Kusum Ailawadi, and Harald J. van Heerde (2017)

Improvised Marketing Interventions in Social Media
Abhishek Borah, Sourindra Banerjee, Yu-Ting Lin and Apurv Jain (2020)

Marketing Doctrine: A Principles-Based Approach to Guiding Marketing Decision Making in Firms
Goutam Challagalla, Brian R. Murtha, and Bernard Jaworski ​(2014)

Marketing Excellence: Nature, Measurement, and Investor Valuations
Christian Homburg, Marcus Theel and Sebastian Hohenberg

Marketing in the Sharing Economy
Giana M. Eckhardt, Mark B. Houston, Baojun Jiang, Cait Lamberton, Aric Rindfleisch and Georgios Zervas (2019)

New Product Design: Concept, Measurement, and Consequences
Homburg, Christian, Martin Schwemmle, and Christina Kuehnl (2015)

Penny for Your Preferences: Leveraging Self-Expression to Encourage Small Prosocial Gifts
Jacqueline Rifkin, Katherine Du, and Jonah Berger (2020)

Price Promotions and Popular Events
Wiebke I.Y. Keller, Barbara Deleersnyder, and Karen Gedenk (2019)

The Commercial Consequences of Collective Layoffs: Close the Plant, Lose the Brand?
Vardit Landsman and Stefan Stremersch (2020)

The New Product Portfolio Innovativeness-Stock Returns Relationship: The Role of Large Individual Investors’ Culture
Paola Cillo, David Griffith and Gaia Rubera (2018)

The Temporary Marketing Organization
Allègre L. Hadida, Jan B. Heide and Simon J. Bell (2019)

The Unintended Consequence of Price-Based Service Recovery Incentives
Vamsi K. Kanuri and Michelle Andrews (2019)

Trading on Up: An Examination of Factors Influencing the Degree of Upgrade: Evidence from Cash for Clunkers
Chadwick J. Miller, Michael A. Wiles, and Sungho Park (2019)

When and How Board Members with Marketing Experience Facilitate Firm Growth
Kimberly A. Whitler, Ryan Krause, and Donald R. Lehmann (2018)

Who Receives Credit or Blame? The Effects of Made-to-Order Production on Responses to Unethical and Ethical Company Production Practices
Neeru Paharia (2020)

With Power Comes Responsibility: How Powerful Marketing Departments Can Help Prevent Myopic Management (2019)
Raji Srinivasan and Nandini Ramani

Capturing Marketing Information to Fuel Growth
Du, Rex, Oded Netzer, David A. Schweidel, Debanjan Mitra (2020)

“How Do I Carry All This Now?” Understanding Consumer Resistance to Sustainability Interventions
Gonzalez-Arcos, Claudia, Alison M. Joubert, Daiane Scaraboto, Rodrigo Guesalaga, and Jorgen Sandberg (2021)

The Concept of Authenticity: What it Means to Consumers
Joseph C. Nunes, Andrea Ordanini, Gaia Giambastiani (2021)

How Consumer Orchestration Work Creates Value in the Sharing Economy
Daiane Scaraboto, Bernando Figueiredo (2021)

How Physical Stores Enhance Customer Value: The Importance of Product Inspection Depth
Jonathan Z. Zhang, Chun-wei Chang, Scott A. Neslin (2021)

Befriending the Enemy: The Effects of Observing Brand-to-Brand Praise on Consumer Evaluations and Choices
Lingrui Zhou, Katherine M. Du, and Keisha M. Cutright (2021)

The Pet Exposure Effect: Exploring The Differential Impact of Dogs Versus Cats on Consumer Mindsets
Lei Jia, Xiaojing Yang, Yuwei Jiang (2022)

GMO Labeling Policy and Consumer Choice
Youngju Kim, SunAh Kim, Neeraj Arora (2022)

A Practice Perspective on Market Evolution: How Craft and Commercial Coffee Firms Expand Practices and Develop Markets
Pierre-Yann Dolbec, Zeynep Arsel, Aya Aboelenien

Innovation Imprinting: Why Some Firms Beat the Post-IPO Innovation Slump
Simone Wies, Christine Moorman, Rajesh K. Chandy (2022)

A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Brand Owned Social Media on Social Media Engagement and Sales
Georgia Liadeli, Francesca Sotgiu, Peeter W.J. Verlegh

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