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Marketing Strategy Courses

A Meta-Analysis of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Elasticity
Ya You, Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, Amit M. Joshi (2015)

A Strategic Framework for CRM:
Adrain Payne, Pennie Frow (2005)

An Empirical Examination of the “Rule of Three”: Strategy Implications for Top Management, Marketers, and Investors
Can Z. Uslay, Ayca Altintig, Robert D. Winsor (2010)

An Integrated Power and Efficiency Model of Contractual Channel Governance: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Stephen J. Carson, Mrinal Ghosh (2019)

App Popularity: Where in the World Are Consumers Most Sensitive to Price and User Ratings?
Raoul Kübler, Koen Pauwels, Gökhan Yildirim, Thomas Fandrich (2018)

Can Advertising Investments Counter the Negative Impact of Shareholder Complaints on Firm Value?
Simone Wies, Arvid O. I. Hoffmann, Jaakko Aspara, Joost M. E. Pennings (2019)

Creating Effective Online Customer Experiences
Alexander Bleier, Colleen M. Harmeling, Robert W. Palmatier (2019)

Creating a Market Orientation: A Longitudinal, Multifirm, Grounded Analysis of Cultural Transformation
Gary F. Gebhardt, Gregory S. Carpenter, John F. Sherry, Jr. (2006)

Customer Experience Journeys: Loyalty Loops versus Involvement Spirals
Anton Siebert; Ahir Gopaldas; Andrew Lindridge, Cláudia Simões (2020)

Customer Satisfaction and its Impact on the Future Costs of Selling
Lim Leon Gim. Kapil R. Tuli, Rajdeep Grewal (2020)

Dynamic Governance Matching in Solution Development
Laura Colm, Andrea Ordanini, Torsten Bornemann (2019)

Effect of Contract Ambiguity in Interorganizational Governance
Xu (Vivian) Zheng, David A. Griffith, Ling Ge, Uri Benoliel (2020)

Effects of Liberalization on Incumbent Firms’ Marketing Mix Responses and Performance: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
Nandini Ramani, Raji Srinivasan (2019)

Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing: A Meta-Analysis
Robert W. Palmatier, Rajiv P. Dant, Dhruv Grewal, Kenneth R. Evans (2006)

Gear Manufacturers as Contestants in Sports Competitions: Breeding and Branding Returns
Yvonne van Everdingen, Vijay Ganesh Hariharan, Stefan Stremersch (2019)

Group Marketing: Theory, Mechanisms, and Dynamics
Colleen M. Harmeling, Robert W. Palmatier, Eric (Er) Fang, Dianwen Wang (2017)

Improvised Marketing Interventions in Social Media
Abhishek Borah, Sourindra Banerjee, Yu-Ting Lin, Apurv Jain (2020)

Improving Consumer Mindset Metrics and Shareholder Value through Social Media: The Different Roles of Owned and Earned Media
Anatoli Colicev, Ashwin Malshe, Koen Pauwels, Peter O’Connor (2018)

Let’s Make a “Deal”: How Deal Collectives Co-Produce Unintended Value from Sales Promotions
Colin Campbell, Hope Jensen Schau (2019)

Lost in a Universe of Markets: Toward a Theory of Market Scoping for Early-Stage Technologies
Sven Molner, Jaideep C. Prabhu, Manjit S. Yadav (2019)

Marketing Doctrine: A Principles-Based Approach to Guiding Marketing Decision Making in Firms
Goutam Challagalla, Brian R. Murtha, Bernard Jaworski (2014)

Marketing Excellence: Nature, Measurement, and Investor Valuations
Christian Homburg, Marcus Theel, Sebastian Hohenberg

Marketing in the Sharing Economy
Giana M. Eckhardt, Mark B. Houston, Baojun Jiang, Cait Lamberton, Aric Rindfleisch, Georgios Zervas (2019)

Penny for Your Preferences: Leveraging Self-Expression to Encourage Small Prosocial Gifts
Jacqueline Rifkin, Katherine Du, Jonah Berger (2020)

Pleasant Ambient Scents: A Meta-Analysis of Customer Responses and Situational Contingencies
Holger Roschk, Masoumeh Hosseinpour (2019)

Price Promotions and Popular Events
Wiebke I.Y. Keller, Barbara Deleersnyder, Karen Gedenk (2019)

Rethinking Customer Solutions: From Product Bundles to Relational Processes​
Tuli, Kapil, Ajay K. Kohli, Sundar G. Bharadwaj (2007)

Sales-to-Marketing Job Transitions
Jeff S. Johnson, Joseph M. Matthes (2018)

Sales Force Downsizing and Firm-Idiosyncratic Risk: The Contingent Role of Investors’ Screening and Firm’s Signaling Processes
Nikolaos G. Panagopoulos, Ryan Mullins, Panagiotis Avramidis (2018)

Scheduling Content on Social Media: Theory, Evidence, and Application
Yixing Chen Kanuri, Shrihari Sridhar (2018)

Seeding Strategies for Viral Marketing: An Empirical Comparison
Oliver Hinz, Bernd Skiera, Christian Barrot, Jan U. Becker (2011)

The Long Reach of Sponsorship: How Fan Isolation and Identification Jointly Shape Sponsorship Performance
Marc Mazodier, Conor M. Henderson, Joshua T. Beck (2018)

The New Product Portfolio Innovativeness-Stock Returns Relationship: The Role of Large Individual Investors’ Culture
Paola Cillo, David Griffith, Gaia Rubera (2018)

The Relative Effects of B2B (vs. B2C) Service Innovations on Firm Value and Firm Risk: An Empirical Analysis
Thomas Dotzel, Venkatesh Shankar (2019)

The Temporary Marketing Organization
Allègre L. Hadida, Jan B. Heide, Simon J. Bell (2019)

The Unintended Consequence of Price-Based Service Recovery Incentives
Vamsi K. Kanuri, Michelle Andrews (2019)

Uncle Sam Rising: Performance Implications of Business-to-Government Relationships
Brett W. Josephson, Ju-Yeon Lee, Babu John Mariadoss, Jean L. Johnson (2019)

What Drives Herding Behavior in Online Ratings? The Role of Rater Experience, Product Portfolio, and Diverging Opinions
Sarang Sunder, Kihyun Hannah Kim, Eric A. Yorkston (2019)

When and How Board Members with Marketing Experience Facilitate Firm Growth
Kimberly A. Whitler, Ryan Krause, Donald R. Lehmann (2018)

When and Why Saying “Thank You” Is Better Than Saying “Sorry” in Redressing Service Failures: The Role of Self-Esteem
Yanfen You, Xiaojing Yang, Lili Wang, Xiaoyan Deng (2020)

When Does Corporate Social Irresponsibility Become News? Evidence from More Than 1,000 Brand Transgressions Across Five Countries
Samuel Stäbler, Marc Fischer (2020)

With Power Comes Responsibility: How Powerful Marketing Departments Can Help Prevent Myopic Management
Raji Srinivasan, Nandini Ramani (2019)​

Entrants Impact Sales of Incumbent Software in Platform Markets
Allen, B.J., Richard Gretz, Mark Houston, Suman Basuroy (2021)

Connecting to Place, People, and Past: How Products Make Us Feel Grounded
Eichinger, Isabel, Martin Schreier, Stijn M.J. van Osselaer (2021)

Virtual Reality in New Product Development: Insights from Pre-Launch Sales Forecasting for Durables
Harz, Nathalie, Sebastian Hohenberg, Christian Homburg (2021)

Can Encroachment Benefit Hotel Franchisees?
Kim, TI Tongil, Sandy Jap (2021)

Serendipity: Chance Encounters in the Marketplace Enhance Consumer Satisfaction
Kim, Aekyoung, Felipe M. Affonso, Juliano Laran, Kristina M. Durante (2021)

Measuring the Real-Time Stock Market Impact of Firm-Generated Content
Lacka, Ewelina , D. Eric Boyd, Gbenga Ibikunle, P.K. Kannan (2021)

The Economic and Social Impacts of Migration on Brand Expenditure: Evidence from Rural India
Vishal Narayan, Shreya Kankanhalli (2021)

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Sales: An Accountability Perspective
Dionne Nickerson, Michael Lowe, Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, Alina Sorescu (2021)

The Concept of Authenticity: What it Means to Consumers
Joseph C. Nunes, Andrea Ordanini, Gaia Giambastiani (2021)

Regulating Product Recall Compliance in the Digital Age: Evidence from the “Safe Cars Save Lives” Campaign
Sotires Pagiavlas, Kartik Kalaignanam, Manpreet Gill, Paul D. Bliese (2021)

How Consumer Orchestration Work Creates Value in the Sharing Economy
Daiane Scaraboto, Bernando Figueiredo (2021)

Despite Efficiencies, M&As Reduce Firm Value by Hurting Customer Satisfaction
Nita Umashankar, Cem Bahadir, Sundar Bharadwaj (2021)

Shedding Light on the Dark Side of Firm Lobbying: A Customer Perspective
Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, Sandeep Arora, Kelly D. Martin, Neeru Paharia (2021)

How Physical Stores Enhance Customer Value: The Importance of Product Inspection Depth
Jonathan Z. Zhang, Chun-wei Chang, Scott A. Neslin (2021)

Platform Exploitation: When Service Agents Defect with Customers from Online Service Platforms
Qiang Zhou, B.J. Allen, Richard T. Gretz, Mark B. Houston (2021)

GMO Labeling Policy and Consumer Choice
Youngju Kim, SunAh Kim, Neeraj Arora (2022)

Who We Are and How We Govern: The Effect of Identity Orientation on Governance Choice
Jan B. Heide, Simon J. Bell, Paul Tracey (2022)

A Practice Perspective on Market Evolution: How Craft and Commercial Coffee Firms Expand Practices and Develop Markets
Pierre-Yann Dolbec, Zeynep Arsel, Aya Aboelenien (2022)

The Impact of Organic Specialist Store Entry on Category Performance at Incumbent Stores
Stijn Maesen, Lien Lamey (2022)

Analyzing the Cultural Contradictions of Authenticity: Theoretical and Managerial Insights from the Market Logic of Conscious Capitalism
Craig J. Thompson, Ankita Kumar (2022)

Innovation Imprinting: Why Some Firms Beat the Post-IPO Innovation Slump
Simone Wies, Christine Moorman, Rajesh K. Chandy (2022)

Societal Spillovers of TV Advertising – Social Distancing During a Public Health Crisis
Ayan Ghosh Dastidar, Sarang Sunder and Denish Shah (2022)

A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Brand Owned Social Media on Social Media Engagement and Sales
Georgia Liadeli, Francesca Sotgiu, Peeter W.J. Verlegh

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