AMA Announces Inaugural AMA Fellows

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is honored to announce the inaugural cohort of AMA Fellows.​

AMA CEO Russ Klein said, “What an amazing opportunity it is for the AMA to bring together such a distinguished group of marketing academics and give them the title of AMA Fellows.  These individuals not only impacted the marketing field, but have also been of service to the AMA and will surely help shape its future.  The naming of this esteemed group of Fellows is but a starting point for the program, to be followed by important contributions now made possible by their collective thought leadership."

The distinction of “AMA Fellow” is given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the research, theory and practice of marketing, and to the service and activities of the AMA over a prolonged period of time.  The AMA Fellows will be recognized at the 2015 AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference in San Antonio, Texas, on Friday, February 13 during a reception in their honor.

The AMA Fellows program is intended to recognize marketing academics’ achievement while also providing regular opportunities for fellowship and discussion.

“The depth of marketing scholarship produced by our first group of AMA Fellows is awe-inspiring,” said Ric Sweeney, chairperson of the AMA Board of Directors.  “As this initiative expands, the AMA plans to add more programming that explores and builds upon the AMA Fellows’ contributions.  I look forward to the questions and answers that will come from future conference sessions and meetings.”

Previous recipients of the AMA/Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award make up the first cohort of 31 AMA Fellows.  In the coming years, nominations for AMA Fellows will be solicited and reviewed by a committee that includes members of the AMA’s Board of Directors and Academic Council, the academic marketing community, as well as previously inducted AMA Fellows.  Cohorts of up to three fellows will be inducted each year at the AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference.  

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Inaugural AMA Fellows

Richard Bagozzi, University of Michigan​​

Frank Bass, University of Texas-Dallas*

​James Bettman, Duke University

​Gilbert Churchill, University of Wisconsin-Madison

​George Day, University of Pennsylvania

​Paul Green, University of Pennsylvania*

​Shelby Hunt, Texas Tech University

​Philip Kotler, Northwestern University

​William Lazer, Michigan State University

​Donald Lehmann, Columbia University

​Sidney Levy, University of Arizona

​Gary Lilien, Pennsylvania State University

​Robert Lusch, University of Arizona

​Richard Lutz, University of Florida

​Kent Monroe, University of Illinois

​Leigh McAlister, University of Texas​

​Donald Morrison, UCLA

William Perreault, University of North Carolina

​Robert Peterson, University of Texas at Austin

​Roland Rust, University of Maryland

Jagdish Sheth, Emory University

Richard Staelin, Duke University

Louis Stern, Northwestern University

​Rajan Varadarajan, Texas A&M University

​Barton Weitz, University of Florida

William Wilkie, University of Notre Dame

Yoram Wind, University of Pennsylvania

​Russell Winer, New York University

​Gerald Zaltman, Harvard University

​Valarie Zeithaml, University of North Carolina​

​*Awarded Posthumously

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