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​​Volume 53, Issue ​4

August 2016

Advertising Spillovers: Evidence from Online Field Experiments and Implications for Returns on Advertising
Navdeep S. Sahni
  • The purpose of this article is (1) to show the presence of advertising spillovers, whereby competing products can gain from a product's advertising, and (2) to show that such spillovers can affect a firms returns on advertising.

When Sex and Romance Conflict: The Effect of Sexual Imagery in Advertising on Preference for Romantically Linked Products and Services
Jingjing Ma and David Gal
  • Although sex and romance tend to go together in real-world relationships, the authors find that exposure to sexual ads might lead men to devalue long-term romantic connection.​

Competitive Advantage Through Engagement
V. Kumar and Anita Pansari
  • We offer an Engagement framework that can help firms improve their level of performance by improving their Customer and Employee Engagement. Our findings show that Employee Engagement (EE) positively affects Customer Engagement (CE), and EE and CE positively affect firm performance.

Marketing’s Impact on Firm Value: Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis
Alexander Edeling and Marc Fischer
  • This meta-analysis summarizes the existing research on the impact of marketing on firm value and finds a small positive firm-value effect of advertising expenditures and a large positive firm-value effect of marketing assets, such as brands or customer relationships.

Expense Neglect in Forecasting Personal Finances
Jonathan Z. Berman, An T.K. Tran, John G. Lynch JR., and Gal Zauberman
  • We investigate how every day individuals evaluate their future finances and find that one reason why individuals are overly favorable about their future finances is that they fail to properly appreciate that their growing expenses will cut into their spare money.

Cross-Modal Communication: Sound Frequency Influences Consumer Responses to Color Lightness
Henrik Hagtvedt and S. Adam Brasel
  • This article demonstrates that high-frequency versus low-frequency sounds (e.g., music) automatically guide visual attention toward light-colored versus dark-colored objects (e.g., ads or products), thereby also influencing consumers’ recall and purchasing behavior.

Thin Slice Impressions: How Advertising Evaluation Depends on Exposure Duration
Millie Elsen, Rik Pieters, and Michel Wedel
  • Be upfront, not a mystery or a false front, when advertising under challenging conditions: Immediately identify the advertised product and brand to effectively cut through the clutter of competing ads and to communicate effectively with consumers.

Analyst Earning Forecasts and Advertising and R&D Budgets: Role of Agency Theoretic Monitoring and Bonding Costs
Anindita Chakravarty and Rajdeep Grewal
  • We study unanticipated advertising and R&D budget decreases in response to analyst earning forecasts. We find that investor- as well as manager-specific agency costs moderate the extent of such decreases and that advertising and R&D budget manipulations can adversely affect stock returns and risk.

The Role of (Dis)similarity in (Mis)predicting Others’ Preferences
Kate Barasz, Tami Kim, and Leslie K. John
  • People assume that others’ preferences are narrower and more homogeneous than they actually are, and as such, (erroneously) predict that others must dislike dissimilar things.

The Effects of Shared Consumption on Product Life Cycles and Advertising Effectiveness: The Case of the Motion Picture Market
Sebastiano A. Delre, Thijs L.J. Broekhuizen, and Tammo H.A. Bijmolt

Understanding the Effects of Plural Marketing Structures on Alliance Performance
Eric (ER) Fang, Jongkuk Lee, Robert Palmatier, and Zhaoyang Guo
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