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Volume 52, Issue 6

December 2015

Quantifying Under- and Overreporting in Surveys Through a Dual-Questioning-Technique DesignMartijn G. De Jong, Jean-Paul Fox, and Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp
Multitier Store Brands and Channel Profits
Wilfred Amaldoss and Woochoel Shin
Small Victories: Creating Intrinsic Motivation in Task Completion and Debt Repayment
Alexander L. Brown and Joanna N. Lahey
  • Dividing a large goal into smaller subgoals and completing them from smallest task to largest task boosts motivation and performance more than other arrangements; for small differences in interest rates, this boost may justify paying off debts from smallest to largest balance instead of largest to smallest interest rate as conventional economics would suggest. 
Suppliers Caught in Supermarket Price Wars: Victims or Victors? Insights from a Dutch Price War
Francesca Sotgiu and Katrijn Gielens
  • Retailer-initiated price wars do not necessarily affect manufacturers brands’ revenues, volume sales or shares negatively, but the  price positioning and price actions following the price war makes a big difference. 
Competitive Vices
Fernando Branco and J. Miguel Villas-Boas
  • Does competition lead firms to be less careful about satisfying the rules of the market? And the answer is "yes" ... under some conditions.
Healthy Choice: The Effect of Simplified Point-of-Sale Nutritional Information on Consumer Food Choice Behavior
Hristina Dzhogleva Nikolova and J. Jeffrey Inman
  • ​Using a large-scale quasi-experiment and panel data across eight product categories for more than 500,000 members of a grocery chain’s frequent shopper program, our research demonstrates that the recently implemented simplified point-of-sale nutrition scoring systems adopted by many grocery retailers do help consumers make healthier food choices. 
More Than a Feeling: Emotional Contagion Effects in Persuasive Communication
Jonathan Hasford, David M. Hardesty, and Blair Kidwell
Transaction Attributes and Customer Valuation​
Michael Braun, David A. Schweidel, and Eli Stein
  • The most a firm should invest in retaining customers at each transaction is the expected change in future cash flow due to that investments.
What’s in a Brand Name? Assessing the Impact of Rebranding in the Hospitality Industry
Yi-Lin Tsai, Chekitan s. Dev, and Pradeep Chintagunta
  • This research finds that two factors improve a hotel’s financial performance after it rebranded from one brand to another – the  difference between the strength of the ‘from’ brand (original brand affiliation of the hotel) and the ‘to’ brand (the new brand affiliation of the hotels) and the fit between the property and brand.