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Editorial Statement | Journal of Marketing Research


The Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) is a bimonthly journal serving the scholarly and practitioner communities in the field of marketing.

Editorial Objectives

JMR is a broad-based journal that aims to publish the highest-quality articles in the discipline of marketing. Published articles must make a significant contribution to the marketing discipline, provide a basis for stimulating additional research, and meet high standards of scholarship.

Nature of JMR Research

JMR publishes articles representing the entire spectrum of topics in marketing. It welcomes diverse theoretical perspectives, and a wide variety of data and methodological approaches. JMR seeks papers that make theoretical, substantive, and/or methodological contributions. Empirical studies in papers that seek to make a theoretical and/or substantive contribution may involve experimental and/or observational designs and rely on primary data (including qualitative data) and/or secondary data (including meta-analytic data sets).  

Substantive Contribution

Authors seeking to make a substantive contribution should provide insights into marketing phenomena, and discuss their implications for practitioners, policy makers, and customers, among other stakeholders. Research in other disciplines such as economics, management, operations, or psychology may be used to generate insights into marketing phenomena. Papers that use analytical economic models should provide substantive insights into important marketing problems.

Methodological Contribution

Authors seeking to make a methodological contribution should compare their proposed new methods to established methods, indicating the circumstances under which the new methods are superior and why. The papers should also disclose limitations of the new methods. The papers should explain what the proposed methods might mean for understanding consumers, firms, or regulatory agencies. Papers that review methods to stimulate further research are also welcome.

Theoretical Contribution

Authors seeking to make a theoretical contribution should build new theory in the field of marketing, and discuss its implications for practitioners, policy makers, customers and/or other stakeholders. Authors should highlight their theoretical contribution by briefly reviewing extant research and explaining how their work advances this research. To the extent they are relevant, authors should describe implications of their new theories for other disciplines.

Editorial Guidelines and Policies