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Impact at JMR highlights important and actionable content published in Journal of Marketing Research. Executives can leverage this content in their organization. Professors can use it in their classrooms. Researchers can learn about distinct scholarly insights for their next big idea. We invite everyone to read, enjoy, learn, think and act.


How Politics Shapes Consumption Behavior

Political issues have become a significant part of consumers’ lives. From gun control to the climate crisis and #BlackLivesMatter, political issues dominate the headlines and divide opinions more than ever.

Shared Consumption Experiences

Nearly 70% of U.S. adults go to movies, sporting events, and museums every year, and consumers are more likely to engage in public leisure activities in the company of friends or family than alone.

Keep Reading

Customer Satisfaction: An Organizing Framework for Strategy

Today’s CEOs are under intense internal and competitive pressure to drive strategy in a way that grows sales, margins, and shareholder value.

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Three Ways Nonprofits Grow Revenues

Three revenue sources nonprofits might consider are: 1) offering free and paid services by client segment, 2) investing in premium services, and 3) aligning product innovation to market needs.

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Two Steps: A Primer on B2B Experiments

Marketing scholars have studied the B2B sector for decades, investigating the impact of firms’ strategic decisions on critical outcomes.

Advertising Effectiveness

Over the past 15 years, television channels have grown in number. But the more significant change has been the exponential growth in websites supporting themselves with advertising, not to mention the rapid uptake of paid search advertising.

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The Real Value of Facebook Likes

Many firms justify investments in social media by showing its effect on brand attitudes, sales, and stock market value. To measure the effects, marketing professionals rely on various metrics.

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