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Marketing Job Titles

A rundown of the general duties and responsibilities associated with the most common marketing job titles.

We’ve included the five based on some of the top Google search terms related to marketing jobs.


2021 U.S. Compensation Trends

The economy has pushed out plenty of bad news, but there is some good: Competition for creative, digital and marketing talent remains—particularly in the healthcare, technology, manufacturing, insurance, finance and education sectors.


Changing Jobs in Marketing Space

This report from Burning Glass Technologies gives marketers a satellite’s-eye view of the alternative jobs to which they can best transition their skills.

How to Craft a Standout Marketing Resume

Changing times call for changing your resume. This free e-book explores the evolution of the resume and how to stay relevant.

Best Practices for Writing, Sharing and Posting on LinkedIn

Chip Cutter, managing editor at LinkedIn, offered some advice on how to post on the social website—and he’s begging us: Limit the posts filled with tips and tricks on productivity.​​

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8 Ways Marketers Can Improve Their Resumes

Résumés aren’t the only thing you need in a job search campaign, but they’re still important.
Here are eight steps marketers can take to better promote themselves with their résumés.

Why You Should Use Self-Promotion as a Networking Technique

Professional marketers can benefit from a good personal brand—​and so can people whom they help.​

Why You Need a Professional Headshot

New York photographer Peter Hurley is a headshot honcho. Marketing News recruited Hurley to give us the lowdown on capturing our good sides. 

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Soft Skills Set You Apart

Hard skills, the experience and abilities listed on your résumé, are often what land you an interview. But soft skills are what make you stand out from other candidates in the interview process.

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The Complete Job-Seeker’s Guide: From A-Z

There’s no perfect formula for getting a new job or promotion, but there are certain skills and qualities that can help marketers land in the “yes” pile and win the interview

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When to Choose a Consultant, Mentor, Coach or Therapist

You may know that you’re ready for professional career support, but from whom? Marketing News distinguishes differences and how to choose the best option for you.

The Latest Golden Guide Career Advice from Lydia Lazar

Golden Guide Career Advice is a new series from the AMA in partnership with Lydia Lazar, author of Dean Lazar’s Golden Guide: Pragmatic Career Advice for Smart Young People.

Digital Marketing Skills Quiz

Wondering what digital marketing skills you need to brush up on? Instructors from the AMA’s digital marketing training events provided the following questions, the answers to which every digital marketer should know.

AMA Coffee Breaks

Make your next 10-minute break a productive one!

The AMA hosts a series of “Coffee Break” webinars that provides micro-learning opportunities on a variety of topics to help move your career to the next level.

Career Trends

Going Solo: The Rise of the Gig Economy

The gig economy was born in the wake of the Great Recession; since then, full-time freelancing has risen in popularity.

Marketers Are Facing a Crisis of Precision

Data, digital, algorithms and AI have unlocked the ability to study and engage with individual consumers in personalized and predictive ways.

How to Work in Marketing Without a Marketing Degree

Everyone’s path to marketing is different. How do skills from an assortment of degrees translate to the field?

AMA Toolkits

From marketing research and communications to content marketing, AMA’s Marketer Toolkits can help you expand your knowledge and build your marketing skill set with a comprehensive collection of interactive tools, templates and resources in a single location – no more searching the web for marketing templates, dashboards and how-to guides. 

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