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Changing Jobs in Marketing Space

Changing Jobs in Marketing Space

Steve Heisler

planets of Milky Way galaxy

This report from Burning Glass Technologies gives marketers a satellite’s-eye view of the alternative jobs to which they can best transition their skills

The skills marketers have acquired don’t simply translate into jobs with the word “marketing” in the title. The worlds of public relations, advertising, social media and more can immediately benefit from a marketer’s insight. And in some cases, it pays to explore alternative ways to utilize marketing training in your career.

Burning Glass Technologies, a marketing analytics company, has compiled a collection of data to help marketers do just that. Its Labor Insight market analysis contains information on jobs related to those of a traditional marketer, including the median annual salary, the number of job postings, projected growth and skills required to make the leap.

As of September, this is the composition of the solar system surrounding the job of Marketing Manager, which we’ve designated as our sun. And yes, as of press time, NASA has designated Pluto as a planet—a dwarf planet, but a planet nonetheless.


Steve Heisler served as staff writer at the American Marketing Association. His work can be found in Rolling Stone, GQ, The A.V. Club and Chicago Sun-Times. He may be reached at