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Operating Standards

AMA professional chapters are required to comply with the following operating standards as approved by the Professional Chapters Council:

  • Operate in compliance with AMA governing documents and policies
  • Maintain Professional Chapter Constitution and Bylaws that do not contradict the AMA Constitution and Bylaws
  • Submit information to the AMA Support Center in accordance with Professional Chapter Reporting Requirements and communicate as required with AMA Support Center team members and volunteers.
  • Conduct annual elections in accordance with the Professional Chapter Election Process
  • Uphold one-year terms for the chapter president and president-elect in which an individual cannot serve more than two consecutive terms in a role
  • Maintain a minimum of six individual voting chapter board members, including the President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer combined) throughout the year
  • Send to the annual AMA Leadership Summit a minimum of two individuals who will serve as voting members of the chapter board of directors in the coming year
  • Conduct at least six meetings of the chapter board of directors annually
  • Track financial activity and develop monthly and annual financial reports
  • Conduct a minimum of nine in-person chapter programs annually to benefit chapter members
  • Maintain a minimum of 75 AMA chapter members (not including student members) as of the end of each month

These standards are designed to guide and strengthen AMA professional chapters and protect AMA membership value. In addition to meeting minimum operating standards, chapters are encouraged to apply operational best practices from AMA chapter resources like Board in a Box and the AMA Experience Guide and Chapter Resources.

A chapter that fails to meet these minimum operating standards may be put on a plan for Professional Chapter Compliance and may ultimately be recommended for closure.