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Constitution and Bylaws

Each AMA Professional Chapter’s constitution and bylaws serve as the guiding governing documents for that chapter. These chapter constitutions and bylaws must not conflict with national AMA governing documents, policies, and procedures.

Updating Constitution & Bylaws

When updating a chapter’s constitution and bylaws, use the following templates as a guide to ensure that these critical governing documents align with national AMA policies and procedures.

Chapters should review and update their constitutions and bylaws each time a significant governance change occurs at the chapter or national organization. In addition, chapters should regularly review their constitutions and bylaws every two or three years and update as needed. If it has been at least five years since a chapter’s constitution or bylaws was last reviewed, a revisions committee should be formed to thoroughly review these documents and bring them up to date.

The procedure for amending chapter documents is defined within each chapter’s constitution.

Chapters should send a copy of amended constitutions and bylaws to the AMA Support Center at

Accessing Governing Documents

Request a copy of a chapter’s most recent constitution and bylaws on file with the AMA Support Center by emailing

National AMA governing documents can be accessed online here: