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AMA Chapter Experience Guide and Resources

Experience design is a collection of impressionable remarkable moments that occur in and around a relationship between a person and another person, place, thing, or brand. Such a continuous communication system and feedback empower a personalized member experience optimized in real-time to ensure continuous member value.

AMA experience design is service leadership that is repeatable, systematic, cultural, and differentiated. The AMA Experience Guide defines the AMA experience design principles and provides resources to help chapter leaders apply these guidelines at the local level across our community.

The AMA Experience Guide contains insights and downloadable resources on the following topics:

  • Who We Are – purpose, vision, mission, value proposition, look book, etc.
  • Our Customer – personas, customer stories, etc.
  • Experience Design – principles, goals, etc.
  • Brand – guidelines, logos, banners, templates, etc.
  • Membership – benefits, communication cycle, promotional materials, etc.
  • Events – experience principles, resources, etc.
  • Social Media and Influencers – strategy, resources, etc.