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Chapter Reporting Requirements

In accordance with Professional Chapter Operating Standards, chapters are required to report information to the AMA Support Center monthly and annually.

Annual Reporting

FY23 Annual Reporting Submission Form 

  • Submit annual strategic plan and budget (due August 15)
  • You may resubmit your strategic plan throughout the year up until February 28, 2023
  • Year-end financials (due August 15)
    • Submit income statement
    • Submit balance sheet
  • Date indicating when you submitted your chapters tax return to IRS (U.S. Chapters – due November 15)
    • This is information is entered on your chapters Chapter Health Reporting Google Sheet, not on the Annual Reporting Chapter Form
  • Board elections (due March 1)
    • Incoming officers identified in a national database (submit president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer via your Chapter Health Form
  • Review Constitution and Bylaws (due June 30)
    • Enter the date the bylaws were reviewed in your Chapter Heath Form
    • If your chapter has made updates to your bylaws or constitution, email those updates to

Monthly Reporting

(due the last day of the following month)

  • Monthly Board Management
    • Indicate the required  board position(s) not filled (President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary)
    • Indicate other board position(s) not filled (DEI, Membership, Programming, Sponsorship, Communications/Marketing, Collegiate)
  • Monthly Programming
    • Number of the in-person event(s)
    • Number of people and members who attended your in-person event(s)
    • Indicating if there was a hybrid component to the in-person event(s)
    • Number of the virtual events (s)
    • Number of people and members who attended your virtual event(s)
  • Monthly Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Programming & Operations
    • Open-ended question on how your chapter has incorporated DEI
  • Monthly Financials (This is your chapter’s Year-to-Date budget and actual, not the individual months)
    • Total revenue budget amount
    • Total revenue actual amount
    • Total expenses budget amount
    • Total expenses actual amount  


There are also 5 optional questions as well that we hope you’d consider submitting as well.

Downloadable Calendar

Chapter Leaders Calendar