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Board in a Box

Board in a Box is a comprehensive chapter management resource and training tool created by the Professional Chapters Council (PCC). It represents the culmination of in-depth research of strong, sustainable chapters.

Core Tracks and “Truths”

Research revealed specific shared goals and practices along the following four core tracks:
Board in a Box – Leadership
Board in a Box – Membership
Board in a Box – Programming
Board in a Box – Communications

These strategic insights have been organized as “Truths,” which form the foundation of great chapter management. Each Truth is supported by Principles, which demonstrate tactical applications and ideas.  Tips, Workshops, and a “By the Numbers” guide chapters with recommended standards for board structure, goal-setting, and chapter operations.

Downloadable Board in a Box

Chapter members can easily download and print their very own copy of Board in a Box. Download Board in a Box PDF of the full booklet. Each chapter can also download PDFs of particular sections by clicking on the images below.

Board in a Box guides, supports, and inspires chapter leaders across the organization, making sure all chapter team members have a copy.