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Professional Chapter Compliance

AMA professional chapters are required to comply with Professional Chapter Operating Standards.

The primary responsibility to maintain these operating standards rests with each chapter’s board of directors. The Professional Chapters Council (PCC) is available as a resource to guide chapters around meeting these standards.

If the chapter fails to meet any of these standards, the AMA may choose to communicate a compliance plan in writing to the chapter board of directors, including specific requirements and timelines for meeting standards. The PCC may offer the chapter advisory support in meeting these standards.

Additionally, the AMA may choose to withhold chapter member dues if the chapter is out of compliance with the following criteria:

  • Chapter is missing a President and/or
  • Chapter is dormant with no known activity or AMA Support Center communication for 6+ months and/or
  • Chapter meets *2+ of the following criteria: 
    • Chapter is missing a President-Elect
    • Chapter President is serving third consecutive term (without approval from AMA Support Center)
    • Chapter has not completed Annual Reporting by November 1
    • Chapter has not updated their Board Roster with required positions (President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer) by July 1

Additional Withholdings:

  • Chapters who have dues withheld must receive additional approval from the AMA Support Center to receive a Regional Retreat travel grant. Approval shall be based on completion of that fiscal year’s Annual Reporting
  • Chapters who have dues withheld must receive additional approval from the AMA Support Center receive a Leadership Summit travel grant. Approval shall be based on completion of the next fiscal year’s board elections and providing the AMA Support Center an updated board roster.

Retroactive Payments and Prolonged Withholdings:

  • Chapters whose dues are withheld are put in a probationary status during which time a customized revitalization plan is co-developed with chapter leaders, AMA Support Center and a PCC Advisor. 
    • The revitalization plan will layer in additional support and address activities such as membership growth, board recruitment and training, program activation, communication strategy and major milestones. 
    • The plan will also include criteria needed to be met for dues to be reimbursed and reinstated.
    • If dues are withheld for more than nine months, AMA Support Center will begin chapter closing procedures. Any recommendation for chapter closure will first be communicated to the chapter board of directors and then presented for a vote to the national AMA board of directors. Learn more: What is the process for closing a professional chapter?