AMA Special Interest Groups

The AMA's 17 Academic Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of AMA academic members who are interested in sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences with others in the field.  The SIGs are formal groups organized around a common interest area, offering the opportunity for ongoing interaction among professionals regarding a certain topic

The American Marketing Association currently offers Academic SIGs offering a wide range of benefits including:

  • In-person and virtual collaboration opportunities with academics in your shared field of interest
  • Special interest events such as conference and pre-conference programs
  • Networking opportunities to foster funding, publishing, and teaching

Membership in one SIG is complimentary to all AMA Academic. Doctoral members receive membership to the Doctoral SIG, as well as one additional complimentary member. Each additional SIG membership is $20. To join an AMA SIG today, please call customer service at 1-800-262-1150.

SIG Leaders are encouraged to visit the SIG Leader Resource Page​ for  for up to date information on important SIG dates, documents, and procedures. 

​Special Interest Groups

Consumer Behavior
CBSIG serves those who are interested in the study and teaching of consumer behavior, allowing members to network with other people who share your interests (both at conferences and via virtual communities), and to be updated about events, funding and publishing opportunities, and teaching resources.

Doctoral Students
The Doctoral Student SIG Group (DocSIG) serves members who are currently marketing doctoral students regardless of one's specific study area. The goal of the DocSIG is to provide useful and relevant information that can aid students in their study program

Entrepreneurial Marketing
The Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG serves members who are interested in the interface between marketing and entrepreneurship. This can cover quite a range of interests from the creation of new businesses and markets to the application of the principles of innovativeness, risk-taking, proactiveness, and competitiveness to conventional marketing thought. The group is international with strong links to Europe, especially the UK, but also has members in Australia and New Zealand.

Global Marketing
The Global Marketing SIG serves members who have an interest in the teaching, research, and facilitating of global marketing. The Global Marketing SIG is one of the largest and most active special interest groups in the AMA. They create value for their members through newsletters, special international conferences and pre-conference and in-conference sessions. They are dedicated to faculty growth and education and to the development of new knowledge

The mission of the TechSIG is to promote professional interaction among academics and professionals who share an interest in marketing high technology products and innovations, the application of technology in marketing, and the use of direct and interactive marketing​.

The Interorganizational Special Interest Group (IOSIG) of the American Marketing Association provides opportunities for learning, sharing, networking and professional interchange for marketing academics with an interest in interorganizational issues (e.g., business-to-business marketing, channels, strategic alliances).

Marketing and Society
MASSIG members are interested in marketing as it affects and is governed by social, ethical, development, macromarketing, legal, and public policy issues. We seek to foster scholarly research on societal issues, especially among doctoral students and faculty who have recently earned doctorates; to facilitate dissemination of scholarly research findings; to promote teaching of societal issues in marketing courses; and to facilitate interaction about societal issues among academic, business, and government sectors.

Marketing Communications
The Marketing Communications SIG focuses on communication used to build the relationships that build brands and brand equity. Conference papers and special sessions focus on the research, theories, and teaching that further the understanding and practice of using advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and all other forms of one-and two-way communication in an integrated way to acquire, retain and grow customers. The SIG recognizes the importance of IMC, CRM, and all other customer-focused approaches essential to managing marketing communications and media in a world of increasing communication alternatives and interactivity.

Marketing For Higher Education
The AMA Marketing for Higher Education Special Interest Group is a global SIG of marketing educators. Our principal mission is to lead, encourage, support, develop and disseminate knowledge for higher education marketing through research and the promotion of the discipline to benefit all stakeholders.

Marketing Research
The Marketing Research SIG serves members who have a special interest in the academic study of the field of marketing research. We welcome any AMA member with teaching and/or research responsibilities in marketing research, or just an interest in marketing research to join us.

Marketing Strategy
The Marketing Strategy SIG serves members who have an interest in examining firm-level issues in the design, implementation, and evaluation of marketing. Our focus is on examining organizational-level factors in marketing and their impact on a variety of types of firm performance, including financial, innovation, speed, and relationship performance. The Marketing Strategy SIG is one of the largest and most active academic special interest groups in the AMA.

Relationship Marketing
The goals of RMSIG are to provide easy access to current research topics in the area of relationship marketing, to allow members to regularly receive information about conferences, journals, and issues that relate to relationship marketing, to enhance your network with relationship marketers worldwide and to foster your career as an academic interested in relationship marketing.

Retail and Pricing
This SIG consists of a group of faculty and Ph.D. students interested in examining marketing issues in a retailing context. We seek as goals to communicate and house information of relevance to the field, and to further the field of retailing research and teaching by strengthening the community of scholars involved in the field as well as by attracting bright new scholars to it.

Selling and Sales Management
The Selling and Sales Management SIG serves members by providing programs designed to enhance selling and sales management scholarship, teaching, and practice in an inclusive and collegial environment. The core values of the Sales SIG include knowledge generation, leading-edge research and teaching approaches, integration of academic and practitioner perspectives into research and teaching, continuous quality improvements and faculty development, close collaboration with companies, and the attraction of new Ph.D. students to the sales area.

The mission of SERVSIG is to be the best full-service system for keeping in touch with the people, events, and knowledge of services marketing and management. Our three goals are to be Open, Flexible, and Fun. This SIG offers members an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge within the community of those interested in Services Marketing and Professional Services Marketing.

Sport and Sponsorship-Linked Marketing

The mission of SPORTSIG is to strive to expand the knowledge base of the field of sports marketing and further develop the sports marketing academic community through scholarly activities and outputs focused on the research, teaching and practice of sports marketing

Teaching and Learning
The Teaching and Learning SIG serves members who are interested in various aspects of marketing education. Two important goals of the Teaching and Learning SIG are to facilitate communication among marketing teachers, and to recognize outstanding teaching performance.

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