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How to Maintain Your Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) Certification and Record CEUs

To maintain your AMA PCM® certification, AMA requires you to pursue ongoing marketing education and growth in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and to recertify every 3 years. This applies to all AMA PCM® certifications.

In renewing your PCM® Digital Marketing certification, you have two options available to you.

  1. You can continue your single PCM® Digital Marketing certification and renew directly with the AMA by following the guidelines below for PCM® Recertification.
  2. You can enter the Digital Marketing Pro program. You will study and take the exam through our partners at DMI. This includes 30 hours of online, self-paced education. Upon passage of the Digital Marketing Pro program, you will become dually certified with the AMA and DMI with two credentials: PCM® Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional. Contact the AMA Support Center to get started.

To maintain your certification, you must renew your certification every three years, beginning on the date you initially pass the certification exam and become certified. The purpose of this process is to verify your contact information and confirm your completion of the CEU requirements.

You must earn and report a minimum number of CEUs for each PCM® certification you hold. The following are the minimums for each of the PCM® certifications.

PCM® CertificationCEUs Required for 3-year Certification PeriodAnnual Minimum Number of CEUs
PCM® Marketing Management3010
PCM® Content Marketing3010
PCM® Digital Marketing3010
PCM® Advanced Digital Marketing4010
Each unit represents approximately one hour of activity. These hours may be accumulated in multiple ways, including attending seminars, writing articles and participating in other activities that contribute to your professional growth and to the industry as a whole.

You must also pay the $75 renewal fee at the end of your three-year certification cycle. If you fail to complete the renewal by your expiration date, your certification will expire and you will be required to retake and pass the certification exam — adhering to the exam policies, procedures and fees as first-time exam takers — to become recertified.

Note: It is acceptable to recertify by examination rather than accumulating CEUs. If you choose this option, you can choose to retake the exam at the full price prior to the end of your three year cycle.

You will receive a reminder before your certification expires, but you are encouraged to record your activities as you complete them. As an AMA Professional Certified Marketer, you are responsible for managing your certified status and maintaining records to accurately reflect your professional development efforts.

You must report your CEUs online through the AMA system. You are encouraged to report CEUs as they are earned, but all CEUs must be reported by no later than the expiration date on your certificate.

To record your CEUs:

  1. Log in at
  2. Select MY ACCOUNT on the top right of the page.

3. Select Certifications from the menu on the left. If on mobile, select Dashboard to reveal the drop down menu with the Certifications option.


5. Select your PCM certification.

6. Select Add CEU Activity.

7. Enter in CEU Details and select Save.

8. Review your entered CEUs.

If you hold multiple PCM certifications, you may report CEU activities for multiple certifications. However, the event must contain information directly related to both certifications’ Bodies of Knowledge.

Note: Only CEUs earned within the 3-year period prior to your expiry date count toward renewal (provided they do not exceed the maximum allowable units per category).

Acceptable documentation includes certificates of completion, copies of the articles or other third-party attestation of your participation in the activity. At a minimum the documentation should have your name, activity title, date(s) of the activity, number of hours attended or CEUs earned, and sponsoring organization. For the research and publishing category a copy or link to the publication would be sufficient documentation.

You are encouraged to pursue your CEUs through a variety of sources, including:

Self-Directed or Online Coursework
25-unit maximum per 3-year cycle; 1 unit is awarded for each physical hour of continuing education. Activities include:

  • Webcasts
  • Video conferences and events
  • Podcasts
  • Reading research articles to expand your understanding of the discipline
  • eLearning courses

Instructor-Led Coursework (group programs)
25-unit maximum per 3-year cycle; 1 unit is awarded for each physical hour of continuing education. Activities include:

  • College and university courses
  • Instructor-led training or workshops
  • Instructor-led online courses

Conferences and Seminars
20-unit maximum per 3-year cycle; 1 unit is awarded for each physical hour of continuing education.

  • Instructor-led seminars
  • Conferences on specific marketing disciplines
  • Thought leadership conferences

Speaking and Instruction
10-unit maximum per 3-year cycle; 1 unit is awarded for each physical hour of instruction. Activities include:

  • Teaching a course/leading a workshop outside of your workplace
  • Teaching a course at a university
  • Making a presentation at an industry conference

Research and Publishing
10-unit maximum per 3-year cycle; 1 unit is awarded for each physical hour of continuing education. Content must contribute to the advancement of the discipline or contribute to professional growth. Activities include:

  • Publishing a paper in a journal or periodical (newsletters are not eligible)
  • Writing and publishing a book on a marketing topic
  • Co-authoring an article or text
  • Developing courses that support the goal of CEUs

Annual AMA Membership
1-unit maximum per 3-year cycle.

Note: Hours tallied do not include time not spent on the actual activity — i.e., in travel, breaks, networking, pre-work or setup.

All CEU activities must contribute to your proficiency and professional growth. If you have participated or plan to participate in a marketing-related activity that may not fit into one of the categories listed above, please contact the American Marketing Association at