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  • Brand Strategy 101

    Learn how brand commitment, brand voice, design and implementation create the impactful brand strategy you need.

    Beginner | 1 Hour | 18 Modules

    $79 for non-members | $49 for members

Skills You’ll Gain

Brand Guidelines Brand Management Storytelling Brand Design

What You’ll Learn

  • Discuss the meaning and differences of several branding terms.
  • Learn the four different stages of a brand strategy roadmap.
  • Gain tips on creating personal brand touchpoints.
  • Explore multiple case studies to understand best practices for creating a brand strategy.

You will gain access to this course for 90 days from purchase date.

Brand Strategy 101 On-Demand Training





Are you an AMA Professional Certified Marketer®️? This training is worth 1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your PCM®️ certification.

Course Overview

Discover the ingredients of an impactful brand strategy! You will learn how to craft a brand strategy and commitment, how to establish a niche brand voice from a visual and verbal perspective, and what you need to share a brand in a super powerful way. With practice and a dash of curiosity, this course will reveal what’s needed to bring a brand to life using this formula: Brand Commitment + Brand Voice + Design + Implementation = Brand Strategy.

Skill Level: Beginner

18 Modules

Start the course off by learning a little about the instructor and setting the stage for what you will learn in the course.

Learn the definition of branding and the ingredients that go into creating a holistic brand.

Walk through a conceptual exercise that focuses on the impact and presence brands can have.

Walk through a case study with Feeding America to examine their brand commitment.

Walk through the brand commitment model and learn the importance of building a brand essence.

Learn how to use mind mapping as a technique for brainstorming and organization.

Gain tips and resources for how to select the best design options for your brand.

Learn what a brand touchpoint is and the importance of having multiple touchpoints.

Understand how to distinguish the differences between branding, marketing, and advertising.

Gain an introduction to the four steps of a brand strategy roadmap before diving deeper into each.

Learn how to find and define your target audience as part of the brand strategy.

Consider how to set your business and revenue goals as part of your greater business strategy.

Learn how to build a brand voice to lead your choices from a creative design standpoint.

Involve the implementation team to set milestone, to-dos and delivery dates.

Walk through a case study with Bon Vivant Cakes to examine their design and brand voice.

Walk through a case study with Vichcraft and examine their brand positioning.

Walk through a case study with Tom’s Shoes and examine their Brand Roadmap Strategy.

Complete the course by taking an ungraded Knowledge Check and reviewing additional opportunities to continue learning.

Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Guillot

Be Bright Lisa Coaching

Lisa Guillot is a professionally certified (PCC) transformational leadership coach through the International Coaching Federation. Dubbed a branding expert by the Chicago Tribune, Lisa brings heart, soul and action to every conversation. Her branding experience includes working with Crate & Barrel, Paper Source, Pottery Barn Kids, The Gap, and Sephora, allowing her to share deep brand strategy and creative expertise from lifestyle branding to tech-related industries.

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