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AMA Diversity Student Leaders Fund

AMA Diversity Student Leaders Fund

Empower Diverse Future Leaders

Support diverse student marketers and foster the development of a more diverse, inclusive marketing community by contributing to the Diversity Student Leaders Fund. This initiative created by the AMA Foundation (AMAF) empowers future generations and inspires a more diverse marketing industry by providing opportunities to student leaders from underrepresented communities.

Gifts to the AMA Diversity Student Leaders Fund go directly toward the following two programs:

The Diversity Leadership Scholarship recognizes underrepresented students who demonstrate leadership in their chapter activities or in other areas of their lives. This scholarship is awarded to remarkable students like Elijah Freeman, who developed informative and inclusive focused digital media for his AMA chapter’s social media pages in order to express AMA’s commitment to hosting diverse spaces that were equal in opportunities. Your gift will go towards supporting exceptional students like Elijah. Learn more about the past recipients and their incredible work to impact their communities.

AMA Diversity Leadership Institute

The Diversity Leadership Institute is an experiential, interactive four-day program that brings together an intimate cohort of marketing students from historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities in the marketing field. Your gift allows the AMA to continue this unique program and support travel and lodging costs for participants. Learn more about this unique philanthropic opportunity and the extraordinary opportunities it provides to support diverse future generations in marketing.

Your Support Makes a Difference

AMA was honored to hear from 2022 AMA Diversity Leadership Institute attendee and president of AMA University of Texas – El Paso, Esteban Vasquez! Watch this video to hear how your contribution makes an impact: