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2021-2022 AMA Foundation Collegiate Scholarship Winners

2021-2022 AMA Foundation Collegiate Scholarship Winners

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We’re Passionate About Building the Future Generation of Marketing Leaders.

The AMA Foundation awards collegiate scholarships to student marketers who are making an impact on their campus and in the community. Here’s a look at the 2021-2022 winners of our Social Impact and Diversity Leadership Scholarships.

AMAF Diversity Leadership Scholarship Winners

The AMA Foundation Diversity Leadership Scholarship is awarded to student leaders who serve others, inspire greatness and achieve remarkable things through empowerment and action. Students must be a member of one of the following underrepresented groups: African-American, Native American, Asian American and/or Hispanic-American.

Elijah Freeman

Texas State University-San Marcos

“I developed informative and inclusive focused digital media for our AMA chapter’s social media pages. The primary goal of this campaign was to express AMA’s commitment to hosting diverse spaces that were equal in opportunities. Being a part of such a learning-focused organization has pushed me to develop the necessary skills to continue to grow in a professional manner. The AMA is a space that encourages students to commit to values that are important.”

Meera Baid

Indiana University

“Besides being a part of my AMA chapter, I’m the founder and president of the newly established Jain Student Association at IUB. We aim to cultivate a safe and welcoming space for Jain students (a religious minority) on campus and anyone interested in learning about the Jain religion, philosophy and values. The amazing aspect of marketing is that it unites people and allows the spread of awareness about the smallest to largest of events, companies, issues, and goals.”

Melody Lin

Indiana University

“Growing up in two different cultures, diversity has always been a part of my personal life. I grew up in a community that had many other first-generation Americans like me so learning about their heritage grew my curiosity for the similarities and differences of the experiences that we shared. Receiving this scholarship has not only made my families and friends proud, but it has also helped me to continue to keep pushing myself to create a safe environment for all people where they feel comfortable sharing their point of view with me.”

Isabella McGillycuddy

Florida State University

“As President of Synthesis Dance Company, a Latin dance group on FSU’s campus, I applied the knowledge I gained in my classes to create a marketing plan that led to a significant increase in public and team lesson attendance. My actions enabled our organization to share Hispanic heritage and culture with members of the Tallahassee community through dance.”

Edward Wu

University of Pennsylvania

“I’ve learned how marketing is not exclusive to for-profit purposes. Any brand, company and organization can utilize marketing to boost their own platform and the value they convey to their consumers. This is especially critical for nonprofits and companies with focuses on DEI and sustainability.”

Zaria Robinson-Winston

Aurora University

“My diversity is praised in AMA, and I have truly been able to thrive because I am a part of this amazing organization. Moving forward in my college career, I plan on continuing to let myself know that and others know it well. In addition, I want to continue to bring more members into the chapter at Aurora University and increase the overall diversity of the group. We are all greater together, and that is to be celebrated.”

AMAF Social Impact Scholarship Winners

The AMA Foundation Social Impact Scholarship is awarded to student members who have made a positive impact in their local, regional or larger community.

Autumn Swanson

University of Illinois-Chicago

“Marketing can be used to bring awareness for significant issues and causes around the world. I am currently using my marketing skills to create a media plan to build awareness for UIC’s partnership with local community food gardens in poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Chicago.”

Hannah Rasmussen

Montana State University

“There are multiple avenues you can take to do good through marketing. I personally have loved being able to use my creativity in marketing to benefit nonprofits and churches with posters, social media knowledge, and much more.”

Jenna Bao

University of Pennsylvania

“Being a part of the AMA has opened my eyes to the power of marketing. I founded my own nonprofit to tackle economic inaccessibility to speech and debate education. Through partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club and local middle school districts, we hosted free debate workshops across the Bay Area and taught over 200 students how to debate within a year.”

Chloe Meyer

Indiana University

“This scholarship will help me not only apply the money to learning more about not-for-profit marketing but to also follow my career dreams of becoming a market researcher— helping more people and businesses reach their goals.”

Rimsha Waseem

University of Illinois-Chicago

“Don’t be afraid to get involved! The biggest thing I struggled with was putting myself out there, especially as a first-generation college student. The thought may be intimidating, but once you realize your true potential and the power you hold, you are unstoppable. You will start to realize that your voice, your energy and your ideas all help play a positive impact in your community.”

Samuel Kritzmire

Florida State University

“I often feel like marketing gets such a bad reputation, but there are so many ways that it can be used for good. Since almost everything needs marketing in order to be successful, it is so easy to use marketing to make an impact in your community and influence people or organizations in a positive way.”

Benjamin Eisler

University of Texas-Austin

“I would advise other college students to focus on small gestures, not just big ideas. Small things, such as showing appreciation for others, taking the time to talk to people one-on-one and volunteering occasionally can have a major impact. By getting to know members of your immediate local community on a first-name basis, you can gain valuable insight into how you as a student leader can improve their lives.”

About the AMA Foundation

As our philanthropic arm, the AMA Foundation (AMAF) seeks to elevate marketing visionaries, empower future generations, inspire a more diverse industry and ensure marketing research impacts the public good.