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Rethinking Marketing Scholarship from a “Better Marketing for a Better World” Perspective

By: Kelley Gullo, Duke University, and Sarah Memmi, Duke University

​During special sessions at the 2018 Summer AMA and ACR conferences, leading scholars discussed what research in their areas would look like if they adopted a Better Marketing for a Better World perspective. Learn about the ideas they shared and download their presentation files here:

Michael Ahearne
University of Houston

Jonah Berger
University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Berman
London Business School
Pradeep Chintagunta
University of Chicago

Darren Dahl
University of British Columbia
Markus Giesler
York University
Rebecca Hamilton
Georgetown University
Ajay Kohli
Georgia Tech
Cait Lamberton
University of Pittsburgh
John Lynch
University of Colorado
Vikas Mittal
Rice University
Andrea Morales
Arizona State University
Koen Pauwels
Northeastern University

Linda Price
University of Oregon
Roland Rust
University of Maryland
JB Steenkamp
University of North Carolina
Vanitha Swaminathan
University of Pittsburgh

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