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  • Navigating Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

    Google Analytics provides marketers with metrics, reports, and tools for measuring audience data and user behavior. This course will give you a basic overview of Google Analytics, ranging from account setup to platform navigation and performance maximization.

    Beginner | 3 Hours | 25 Modules

    $99 for non-members | or $79 for members

What You’ll Learn

  • Basic concepts of Google Analytics, including its role as a web analytics and data collection platform
  • Differences between dimensions and metrics and how they are used to analyze web traffic
  • Key Google Analytics metrics and explain how each plays a role in measuring digital marketing efforts
  • Importance of tracking codes and how it relates to the Google tag and Google Tag Manager
  • Difference between an event and a conversion and how each plays a role in understanding the target audience
  • Audiences, segments, filters, and comparisons and how each impacts the data collection process
  • Using Google Analytics for content publishing, B2B marketing, and ecommerce

You will gain access to this course for 90 days from purchase date.

Navigating Google Analytics 4





Are you an AMA Professional Certified Marketer®️? This training is worth 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your PCM®️ certification.

About the Course

Google Analytics provides marketers with metrics, reports, and tools for measuring audience data and user behavior, and is one of the most widely used web analytics tools on the market. The data collected through Google Analytics can be used to improve and adjust marketing campaigns.

Skill Level: Beginner

Skills You’ll Gain

Google Analytics 4 Website Analytics Data Insights

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About Our Learning Partner

This course is hosted by our approved learning partner, MindEdge, whose mission is focused on helping adults learn the fundamentals and master the skills needed to succeed personally and professionally.

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